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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly are you selling?

High quality, gallery-style picture frames handcrafted to fit any poster, print or photo. For artwork that you already have in your possession, you’ll provide its exact dimensions and then select the frame, mat and glaze that suits best. We’ll build the frame and ship it directly to your door within 1-2 weeks. When it arrives, follow the instructions for inserting your artwork and hanging the frame on the wall. We can also print your photos on fine art paper, and frame them to your liking.

Each frame is crafted by hand and supervised by a master custom framer with over 30 years of experience. We manufacture in the US and source everything domestically, including the wood which comes from sustainably-harvested forests. Learn more about our frames and other components, or check out some of the artwork our customers have already framed with Level.

We're doing all of this so that you can enjoy more art on your walls, without searching in stores or paying way too much at the custom frame shop. Read more about the origins of Level.

How do I measure my artwork?

We need the width and height of your artwork to the nearest 1/8”. Flatten out your print as much as possible and measure from paper edge to paper edge for each measurement. Round up to the higher 1/8” if you are in between. Note that your final frame, or the mat if you have selected one, will overlap your artwork by approximately 1/4” on each side so as to secure it inside the frame. If you would like the frame or mat to overlap your print by more than the standard 1/4”, or have any other special requests on the size of the mat window opening, please contact us via chat or support@levelframes.com.

Can I see a preview image of the artwork I am framing?

Yes! After entering the dimensions of your artwork and hitting “Let’s Frame It”, we’ll generate a preview of your frame. Below the frame, you will see an Upload icon. Clicking that will guide you through uploading a preview image to help in customizing the frame and mat that suits best. For more details on using the preview feature, please see this post on the Level blog.

If you prefer, you can send us measurements for your artwork along with an image file (or link to a webpage where we can see it), and we’ll create the preview for you. For this, you can email us at hello@levelframes.com, use the “Need help?” chat window, or even Tweet the URL and dimensions to @Levelframes.

Can you print and frame my photo?

Yes. Start by selecting the file on our photos page, where you can also pull in photos from Dropbox, Facebook, Instagram and other services. We will generate a few print size options based on the resolution of your image. If there is a specific size you’re looking for not shown, just send it along with photo(s) to photos@levelframes.com. We will send back a preview of your image framed which you can then customize and use to purchase. For a more detailed tutorial, please see this post on the Level blog.

We print on either 240g Photo Paper Luster finish (slightly glossy) or 280g Enhanced Matte Archival Paper (a softer, matte finish). We’ll print and mount your photo inside the frame you customized, and ship it out to you within a few days. It arrives ready to hang with the included hardware.

Is there anything you can’t create a frame for?

Artwork should be paper-based, and cannot exceed 40” x 40” in size. The minimum size for artwork is 5” x 5”. As we develop new frames and shipping solutions, we will be able to take on framing artwork outside of these limitations. If you are not sure if Level is right for what you are trying to frame, please get in touch.

I have an extremely delicate and/or expensive item to frame, should I use Level?

Level is ideal for posters, prints or photos that you want to frame without searching in stores or spending a ton of money. We use acid-free foamcore backing, acid-free conservation white rag mats, archival tape and mounting tabs to secure your art inside the frame, and UV-protective acrylic. The all-wood frames are of the highest quality and will protect your art while making it look great. However, if you have something extremely delicate or expensive, you may consider taking it to your local custom frame shop for a consultation. We back all of our frames with a 30-day guarantee against defects, but cannot be liable for any damage incurred to artwork while it's in your possession.

Do you sell glass with your frames?

For glazing, acrylic is used (instead of traditional glass) based on its lighter weight, strength and level of clarity. Our standard glaze is a framing grade Acrylite® FF-3. You can also choose a UV+ version (Acrylite® OP-3) to filter out 100 percent of UV rays that can fade paper-based artwork over time, or the Non-Glare version which will minimize glare and reflection for unhindered viewing of the artwork. If you have any questions about which glaze is right for your artwork, we can help.

Clean and protect your acrylic with a micro-fiber cloth or an acrylic cleaner, never use any type of window glass cleaner.

What kinds of matting do you use?

Adding a mat is a great way to protect and enhance the art you are framing. Level uses Crescent Select mat boards which are 100% acid-free, lignin-free and meet all requirements for conservation matting. Currently, you can customize your frame online with an white or black mat, but if you would like a different mat color just contact us directly.

How do you ship, and can I track my order?

You will receive an email receipt when your order is placed, and a second email with a tracking number once your order has shipped. Frames are packaged to ensure safe delivery, and will ship from our New York framing workshop (via USPS, UPS or FedEx). Turnaround time is between 2 and 3 days, plus any time in transit from NY.

Currently, we are only shipping to the United States and Canada but will add new countries soon. Please email us at hello@levelframes.com if you are outside the United States or Canada and would be interested in purchasing Level frames.

What happens if my frame arrives and does not fit my artwork?

If your frame arrives and you encounter any problems, please contact us right away at support@levelframes.com. Under our 30-day guarantee we will replace any frame that reaches you with a defect in craftsmanship, or does not fit the artwork dimensions you provided.

Will I have to assemble my frame when it arrives?

Nope, but you will open it up and insert the artwork when it arrives (unless we are printing and framing a photo for you, or you’re purchasing framed artwork). If your frame includes acrylic glaze, we will ship it with a blue or white protective film to prevent any damage during shipping. You will peel off the film before mounting it in the frame. To secure your artwork and hang on the wall, just follow the instructions that ship with the frame.

Thanks for visiting Level! If you have any questions or feedback, you can always contact us at hello@levelframes.com. You can also sign up below for infrequent news and updates in your inbox, or find us on Twitter and Facebook.

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