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3,576 Steps

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"I was walking through a parking lot one day and stepped over a leaf that had been reduced to just the veins and stem because of constant human and vehicle traffic. I wondered how many people had walked on it to get it to that state. It takes approximately 3,576 steps for a person's foot to tear apart a leaf. My foot destroyed this leaf, then it was brought back to life in watercolor and colored pencil. The dirt from my shoe has been pressed into the paper as I crushed the leaf and has created a subtle background."

- Michelle Podgorski

Artist Biography

I am primarily a watercolor artist working with nature as my subject matter and inspiration. Most of my watercolor work is very large, measuring up to 110" x 43", but I also make smaller pieces that you will see on Vango. I am also a college professor teaching watercolor, oils, drawing, and art history! Artist Statement: Every day I drive past a tree that has been carved and sliced to make way for a power line. Its branches no longer grow on its left side. And every day I slow down, fascinated, past this tree that continues to grow as if it only ever had a right side. There is a negativity that surrounds talk of overpopulation, global warming, and interference with forests and the natural landscape. There is no doubt that humankind has altered the world outside of our four walls, but rather than our destruction, what I am interested in is the ability plants have to survive. More of my work can be seen at

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