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A New Horizon

This is a limited edition print!

Prints available starting at $40



"A painting to commemorate the New Horizons mission photo of pluto."

- Nathan James Grady

Artist Biography

Im a self taught artist, from Fort Worth Tx. Im obsessed with traditional landscapes, anything tonalism, barbizon, or hudson river, Alexander Wyant, JF Murphy, and Inness to name a few of my favorite painters. Though not to be cliche Vincent Van Gogh is my greatest hero, and inspiration. When I'm not creating paintings I'm creating music with my friends as a guitarist in the rock band Oh Sleeper, and I teach kids how to rock-n-roll as an instructor at the School of Rock. Find me on, The Ernie ball music man artist page facebook dot com/ohsleeper Instagram @nategradyart and @nategrady

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