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"All You Need Is LIKE" by Matthew LaPenta

-20" x 20" 4-color Screenprint
-Hand-deckled edges
-Signed/Numbered edition of 85
-Printed on Cranes 110# Lettra Pearl White Cotton Rag

Prints available starting at $75


"I wanted to create a work that referenced the past but was talking about something modern. In my opinion, LIKE has seemingly infiltrated every part of the internet and our culture. And has changed it's own meaning in an interesting way.

When looked at abstractly, the internet's ever expanding ability to create shorter attention spans has prohibited us from loving. Instead we like. We don't become dedicated to one particular person or thing. We, as a generation, have a vast interest. Which can be looked at as a good or bad thing. And it is my goal for the viewer to examine their real world and digital relationships in our contemporary culture.

In short we have too many things we "like" distracting us from things we love. The original canvas painting I created was inspired by Robert Indiana's famous LOVE sculptures/ paintings." - Matthew LaPenta (

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