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Black Maple

with a  face and 1" depth.

Print sizes smaller than 5" require a mat due to safety concerns related to cutting the frames.


Please allow an extra week for float-mounted frames

4-Ply Mat Colors

Each mat color offers conservation-level art protection throughout its surface, core and backing.

mat colors for custom frames online

8-Ply Mats

The mat opening is cut on an angle, creating a beveled edge around the inside. The thickness of the mat board, or ply, determines the size of that beveled edge. Standard mats are 4-ply, and we offer a thicker, 8-ply mat in select colors for a more refined and elevated look.

mat colors for custom frames online

Float Types

custom framing online sandwich float mount Sandwich Float

To reveal the edges of your artwork, you can float it on top of the mat. Change the Float Margin to adjust the amount of matting shown on each side. The artwork will be pressed between the glaze and the matting (hence the "sandwich").

If you are framing at home, the matting will arrive with pre-configured, double-sided tape strips to help you position the art.

custom framing elevated float mount with spacers Elevated Float Mount

Spacers inside the frame create a 1/4" air gap between the matting and glaze, and your artwork floats 1/8" above the mat on an archival foamboard lift. This creates a dramatic shadow around the edges and creates the illusion that your artwork is literally floating.

When we frame for you in our studio, we'll dry-mount your piece so that it lies perfectly flat and smooth (this will not damage your artwork, but cannot be reversed). When framing at home, the pre-installed lift comes with double-sided tape strips to help you position the art and secure it in place.

Building Your Scene

Deploying robots to build a scene with your unique frame... Hang tight, this should take about 10 seconds.


Create Framed Mockups for Your Artwork

Inspire fans and customers with realistic, in-room previews of your artwork beautifully framed. Use these mockups for your storefront, social media, or anywhere else!

p.s. If you're looking for a great artist storefront platform, check out Dot Press.

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Artwork example by 2046 Design
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framed photo mockup

Generate and download a high-resolution framed mockup.

View Your Art in a Room

Our frame rendering engine is the only service that has proper size proportions for dynamic scene generation - and we make your work look good with any aspect ratio or size!

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