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Display and protect your favorite collectibles from home

Custom-Sized Picture Frames for Your Favorite Issues

Whether you're into Batman, Spider Man, Wonder Woman or any other character, we make it easy to properly custom frame your most treasured comic books with museum-quality materials providing the highest level of protection. Design your frame online in minutes, we'll handcraft it to your exact specs within a week and send everything you'll need to frame and hang.

frame your comicbooks
custom frame comics
comic book framing

Built for Looks and Protection

From the matting to the backing boards, every component we use in our frames is archival and acid-free. For extra security, we recommend inserting your comics into a mylar or acid-free plastic bag before framing to further protect against decomposition, moisture, mold and mildew.

custom frame comic books

To guard against UV rays that can fade and discolor printed material, we offer several acrylic glaze options that provide maximum protection from the sun and surrounding light sources. Your collectibles will always look their best, and stay that way for the long haul.

standard glaze - custom frames online


uv protection glaze - custom frames online

UV Protection

non-glare glaze - custom frames online


Comic Book Framing at Home

Skip the trip to the frame shop or post office. Watch the video to see how easy it is to frame from home.

how online framing works - level frames

Making Sure the Sizing is Right

Comic books can vary in size, and there is no guarantee that a standard, ready-made or IKEA photo frame will fit your issues. It’s important that the aspect ratio of your frame matches the comic, otherwise it will look unbalanced or not have enough room inside the frame. When framing with us online, you can input the dimensions of your issue down to the nearest 1/8", or provide your measurements in cm.

We've prepared a handy guide to common comic book sizes below, with a link to pre-set measurements for each.

Common Display Sizes

Make sure to double check the dimensions of each issue you are framing, as there are always exceptions among publishers and titles that overlap these eras.

Type Years Published Dimensions (wxh) Framing Link
Modern Age 1985 through today 6.625" x 10.125" Frame It
Bronze Age 1970 to 1985 6.625" x 10.125" Frame It
Silver Age 1956 to 1970 7" x 10.125" Frame It
Gold Age 1938 to 1956 7.25" x 10.25" Frame It
Platinum Age 1897 to 1937 7.5" x 10.5" Frame It

Framing Recommendations for Comics

There are three main framing options to consider when it comes to comic books. 1. The straight fit is simply a frame sized to fit your issue, with a little bit of tolerance so that everything fits inside and the edges of the cover are slightly overlapped by the lip of the frame. 2. Adding matting is a great way to create a visual border around your collectible that draws in the eye and makes a bigger impact. The matting will overlap about 1/4" of your comic on each side to hold it in place. 3. In our Advanced Options, you can select a sandwich mount which means that your comic will sit on top of the matting, exposing a border of white or black around it but without covering its edges.

frame your comicbooks

Straight Fit

custom frame comics


comic book framing

Sandwich Float

For all three options, we recommend protecting your comic inside a clear, acid-free bag for protection before framing. And for best results, use a bag that is sized specifically for your issue with as little extra room as possible.

If you don't feel like sending your comics through the mail and are up for a 10 to 15 minute project, our At Home framing kits are built to the size and style you specify, and arrive with everything you need to frame at home. The back of each frame is closed, but you will be able to open it up and swap in different comics later if you like.

If you would rather let us do the framing for you, select our In Studio framing option. Both options arrive with the wire and wall mount hardware needed to hang your finished comic book frame. All you need is a hammer and the right spot on the wall!

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