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Four Easy & Elegant Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

April 15 2021

With Mother's Day around the corner, we've teed up four easy gift ideas to make her feel great on Sunday the 9th (and every other day of the year).

Order by April 28th for guaranteed delivery in the U.S. by May 8th.

Shipping is always free, as are the gift note and wrapping options available at checkout.

The Framed Print

Upload and custom frame a photo that you can present to Mom in person or send gift-wrapped with a note.

Frame a Photo Online with Level Frames

We'll print on professional, archival paper and ship the handcrafted framed photo ready-to-hang.

It will …

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Almost Time to Make Mom Proud

April 12 2021

Mother's Day is coming up and we've got you covered with a few framed gift ideas to help Mom feel great on the 9th of May, and every other day of the year.

When you order a framed photo or collage frame by April 28th, we can guarantee delivery by Mother's Day weekend.

Framed Photos

Framed Pictures Customize Online

Photos have the power to instantly bring up memories, or convey the depths of a relationship in ways that words cannot.

Harness this power by turning your best picture into a framed celebration of Mom that will last a lifetime. It takes 5 minutes or less to …

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Dot Press for Artists & Photographers

April 09 2021

Sell framed versions of your work, get paid on every sale

Our mission at Level Frames is making it more convenient, affordable and intuitive to custom frame your artwork and photos. We do this by bringing the whole experience online and delivering our handcrafted, museum-quality frames right to your door.

In framing for hundreds of artists, photographers and galleries, we've picked up on frustrations around selling framed versions of their own work. Dealing with customer questions or safely packing and shipping takes time away from …

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Framing Spotlight: Vintage NASA Poster

See this At-home custom framing project from start to finish

March 30 2021

Finding a vintage, 30" x 40" NASA poster was a huge thrill for Luke, one of our customers.

He knew he wanted to display it in the work shed he was building, and that a conservation-grade custom frame was the only way to properly protect it.

Not wanting to overpay at a traditional custom frame shop or risk sending this fragile item through the mail, Luke turned online and to our At-home custom framing kit solution.

Choosing the right frame

The poster had been in a tube for ages, emerging tightly rolled up and slightly wrinkled.

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Get Creative with Collage Frames

March 26 2021

Create your own collage frame layout

Our first collage photo frame offering was the Level 3, a classic triptych with three separate photos, each revealed within its own mat window opening.

To best fit your photos and wall, you can select the orientation of the frame (vertical or horizontal) as well as the photos you are framing (landscape or portrait).

If you want to get creative and go beyond these classic layouts, create a totally custom collage by adjusting the number of photos, mat and frame width, orientation and more.

It's …

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Framing Feedback

Share your custom framing project and style choices with anyone online

March 18 2021

Our mission is making it easier to custom frame pictures and artwork from start to finish.

At the beginning of each project you will be focused on getting the profile, mat and glaze choices right. We've built a few things to help out along the way, including a "Golden Ratio" button that recommends a frame and mat width that are balanced with the dimensions of your artwork, and the ability to upload a Preview Image inside the frame to better visualize the final result.

And if you need a second opinion, we have something else in the …

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4 Customer Photos for Picture Framing Inspiration

March 11 2021

It brings us great joy to see customers showing off their newly framed artwork and photos once they make their way onto the wall.

Not only do we get to see the final results of each online custom framing project, but we get serious design inspiration and a glimpse into everyone's personal style.

Seeing these photos and reading customer reviews fuels our motivation for making custom framing more affordable, intuitive and convenient so that every space of yours can feel more like home.

Image source: Jessica O, Instagram

This photo …

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Freshly Framed in February

Art and photos newly framed up and looking good

March 05 2021

Winter is coming to a close, and in addition to the coming of Spring we feel like celebrating some of the best online custom framing completed by our customers during the early months of 2021.

Whether it's original artwork, a limited edition print, a favorite photo or thoughtful gift, the goal of every custom framing project is the same: Satisfaction, pride and joy over the final work of art on the wall.

Custom Framed Artwork - Level Frames

Image Credit: @brandibroxson on Instagram

Using our DIY custom framing kit, Brandi framed this electrifying print from artist …

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How to Frame Posters, Prints & Pictures

February 23 2021

Be your own custom framer

Getting artwork and photos framed and up on your wall can be painful, confusing and expensive. You're either out hunting for a decent quality frame in just the right size, or paying an exorbitant amount and waiting weeks with a custom frame shop.

Now you can customize an affordable, gallery worthy frame that ships directly to your door in about one week.

Photo credit: @LukesBeard

We're on a mission to make it more convenient, affordable and intuitive to custom frame posters, prints and photos. No need to leave …

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5 Fun Photography Projects

Ideas for creating inspired photos perfect for framing online

February 18 2021

With the amazing cameras we now carry around in our pockets, everyone is a photographer.

But amateurs and seasoned pros alike have experienced the feeling of creative standstill. So we put together a few ideas for getting fun, inspiring and (hopefully) frameworthy shots.

After you get those creative juices flowing, we've made it easy to frame your photos online and have them up on your walls in no time.

1. Recreate The Past

Image source: Pinterest

Everyone loves looking through old photos, even when they are cheesy and embarrassing. …

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Hit It Out Of The Park This Valentine's Day

February 02 2021

The annual holiday of love is around the corner, and we've got a few gift ideas for surprising your Valentine even if you can't be together in person.

With online custom framing, you can spread joy to friends, family, pets and anyone else in your life who deserves some loving.

Time to frame up your favorite faces and let those beautiful pictures speak for themselves.

Make The Classic Choice

Chances are you have a ton of pictures stored on your computer, phone or favorite social media account. Framed photos are a classic gift that will …

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Online Framing 101

Custom frame photos, artwork and more without the hassle (or leaving home)

January 28 2021

Custom framing has been around for centuries. What's different today is that we can make the experience more convenient and affordable by bringing everything online.

Below are some of the most common questions we get about online custom framing.

What Can You Frame?

Our specialty is anything based on paper.

If you are framing posters, art prints, photographs or digital images, we've got you covered. We also do quite a number of framed vinyl records.

Custom frame posters and prints online - Level Frames

Framing canvas and unique items such as sports jerseys or textiles can be taken on by …

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