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Hi there! I'm Alice, currently an illustrator and designer living in San Francisco. I've loved to draw ever since I could wrap my stubby little fingers around a pencil, and I've been holding onto it ever since. At the moment my days are spent designing user interfaces (I work in tech and was previously a software engineer), and my nights are dedicated to anything from surreal terrarium illustrations to cute character doodles. My favorite mediums are digital and inks, and my favorite subjects are ones that are deeply imbued with narrative. When I'm not drawing or working I can most often be found cuddling my two devastatingly cute cats, Marshmallow and Mochi.

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You can custom frame these prints according to your own taste or to match your decor. Level will hand craft each frame using domestically sourced, sustainable wood and other components including 6-ply archival matting and framers grade acrylic. Everything arrives ready to hang.