Are these limited edition prints?
This artwork may come from an edition of prints produced in limited quantity, or available for a limited time period only. See details on the collection page.

How will the artwork be framed?
All artwork is framed by Level using all wood profiles and acid-free, archival materials. You can set the frame and mat style based on what looks best to you, or go with the settings recommended directly by the artist. Framed artwork will arrive with all necessary instructions and hardware for hanging.

Are the prints signed?
Some prints will come signed and numbered by the artist. This information can be found in the description.

What does the print size refer to?
This is the size of the paper the artwork is printed on, measured from edge to edge. Once you start customizing the frame, you will also see the dimensions of the outer frame.

How do you ship and what is the turnaround time?
Framed artwork is shipped via FedEx Ground from NY, well-protected to arrive safely. We build the frame to your specifications and mount the artwork within 5 days of each order, unless a specific ship date is stated in the collection or on the print descriptions. Shipping takes another 1 to 5 days depending on your address (US-only for now).

What is the return policy?
Due to the custom nature of this product, we cannot accept returns. However, if the frame arrives damaged or defective in any way, please take a photo of it and email us as soon as possible so that we can make it right.

Who should I contact if I have any issues or questions with my order?
Please email us at

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Warrior's Dreams

New Variant Editions from my Warrior's Dreams series, based on the romanticized vision of the samurai and my interpretation of Jisei (Japanese Death poems). Limited quantities available here, each print arrives framed & ready to hang.

Collection Curated By Anthony Petrie

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I originally created 'Warrior's Dream' for the Damn the Torpedoes show at Narrow's Gallery in Fall River, MA almost two years ago. It was a four-part series of posters based on the romanticized vision of the samurai. Each poster is my interpretation of specific Jisei (Japanese Death poems) written by actual samurai before they committed the act of seppuku. These are brand new Blue Variants on the original series, with an edition size of only 100 per print.

I've made a few of the 400 prints available here, with a custom framing option built in:


Each poster is a 12" x 36" five-color screen-print, printed on White Cougar Smooth Paper by Seizure Palace in Portland, OR. They are signed and numbered by me, and at the bottom front of each poster is a Jisei (Japanese Death poems) written by actual samurai.

All four of the posters:

From left to right: Part I (Armor), Part II (Samurai), Part III (Tiger), Part IV (Geisha)

The Frames

I've selected a Black Maple, 3/4" profile with 1" matting for these posters, but you can frame them according to your own taste. Level will hand craft each frame using domestically sourced, sustainable wood and other components including 6-ply archival matting and framers grade acrylic. These frames arrive ready to hang, look good and will save you the trip to the custom frame shop.

The Poems

“Like an old tree
From which we gather no blossoms
Sad has been my life
Fated to bear no fruit"
- Minamoto Yorimasa

“Holding forth this sword
I cut vacuity in twain;
In the midst of the great fire,
a stream of refreshing breeze!"
- Shiaku Nyûdo

“Both the victor
and the vanquished are
but drops of dew,
but bolts of lightning -
thus should we view the world."
- Ôuchi Yoshitaka

“Had I not known
that I was dead
I would have mourned
my loss of life."
- Ota Dokan

About the Printer

Seizure Palace is a Portland, OR based company specializing in premium quality screen printed products since 2007. They do really fine work, and I've used them on more than one occasion including for "METROPLASM" which I created for Gallery 1988's Official Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary Art Show.

Hope you enjoy this new set of variants for Warriors Dream. Once they are gone, they will be gone for good. To learn more about me and my work, you can visit or follow @zombiebacons on Twitter and Instagram.


“Like an old tree
From which we gather no blossoms
Sad has been my life Fated to bear no fruit"

- Minamoto Yorimasa

Individual prints in this collection: