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w e l c o m e // h o m e

drifting daydreams of our energetic earth

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I see no limits in artistic medium; life is our personal masterpiece.

EVERYONE is an artist, we each have a unique hand

which we came to mama earth to love, accept, and explore.


I always begin with paint;

easily becoming addicted to motion of the brush on canvas.

and drop into this feeling,

allowing whatever arises to explore the canvas.

I let go and see what happens.

when this energy subsides,

I photograph and work digitally;

fragmenting my work and creating new patterns.

and repeat.


things stick with us as we live our life.

we are constantly becoming inspired by our environments;

internally and externally,

we subconsciously transmit what sticks to us, at our core

through e v e r y t h i n g we create.

living on planet earth inspires me.

so does alex grey, ernst fuchs, and piero fornasetti.


I love the black maple frame with a golden ratio mat!

What's Next

collaborations with friends and artists,

a vegan cookbook and children's clothing.

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