Album Framing Instructions

If you're ready to frame one of your records with our DIY Album Frame, watch the following video for step-by-step instructions.

You can also read through more detailed directions below. And if you run into any questions or issues, please send us a chat or an email so that we can help!

Included with your frame you should find:

  • Small screwdriver with a reversible head
  • Micro-fiber cloth
  • Hanging wire and screws
  • 2 plastic bumpers
  • Picture hanging hook for the wall
  • Anti-static foam padding (wrapped around the frame)

Once you have unpacked the frame, verify that you have the components listed above and roll out the foam padding to use as your work surface.

  1. Flip the frame over and pry up the flexible staples all the way around using your fingers or the flat head screwdriver. Make sure the staples are bent ALL the way up and are now as flush to the frame as possible.
  2. Holding the back so that the contents stay inside, flip everything back over and then remove the frame by lifting it upwards. If it does not slide off easily, check to make sure all of the staples are fully pried up. Set the frame aside.
  3. Remove the top two layers - the acrylic glaze (wrapped in protective film on both sides) and the matting - and set them aside.
  4. On the right side of the backing board, you will see a small post sticking up. Unscrew the top of the post and place your vinyl record on top.
  5. Screw the top back onto the post - you can reach a hand behind the backing board to further tighten the screw so that your record is held down securely - just enough pressure so that the vinyl does not spin after you've positioned it.
  6. Now lay the album cover into the pre-cut pocket designed to hold it in place. You can slide the vinyl into the sleeve to partially cover it.
  7. With the cover and vinyl positioned how you want them, replace the matting with the bevel (the slanted edge) facing up. Set everything aside.
  8. Bring the acrylic glaze back to your work surface, it comes wrapped in a protective liner that needs to be removed. Starting on one side, place the palm or fingers of one hand directly in the middle of the glaze, and with the other hand peel up the edges of the liner, pulling them towards the center. Work your way around until all of the liner is peeled up with the exception of the middle section. Using the microfiber cloth to avoid touching the glaze, remove the rest of the liner from the middle. Repeat on the other side.
  9. Now that your glaze is unwrapped, use the cloth to remove any dust, particles, or fingerprints. Note that with our Non-glare glaze, one side will appear glossy, while the other side has a subtle, matte finish.
  10. Lay the glaze down on top of your record and the matting, with the glossy side down and the matte side up. Use the cloth again to remove any dust on the top of the glaze - if you see any dust on the other side, lift up the edges so that you can reach underneath with the cloth.
  11. Once you have the cleaned glaze on top of the record and matting, square everything together and carefully bring the frame back down on top. Note the two holes on the back of the frame that determine the hanging orientation - those holes should be towards the top of the frame.
  12. With the frame all the way on, hold it on two sides and reach your fingers around the back so that you can hold everything in place as you flip the frame back over again.
  13. Press the flexible staples back down all the way around. Check both sides of the frame to make sure everything is secure and looks good.
  14. Flip the screwdriver bit to the Phillips head and attach the hanging wire across the back of the frame using the included screws.
  15. You're done! Use the included picture frame hook to hang your frame on the wall.