Framed Chalkboards, Corkboards & Whiteboards

Choose a size and style to fit your space. Your custom framed board arrives ready to hang.

Three Surfaces, Any Size You Like

Finding a great looking memo board in a custom size used to be impossible – until now. Choose a surface, enter your desired size and customize the frame with a museum-quality profile. Each memo board is handcrafted in the U.S. and shipped to your door within a couple weeks.

framed chalkboard


Magnetic Surface
Chalk and eraser included

framed whiteboard


Magnetic Surface
Pens and eraser included

framed corkboard


Push-pins and clips included

Design a beautifully framed chalkboard for that empty space next to the fridge, a corkboard for your art room, or a whiteboard as the finishing touch in a home office. We are the only company to offer true, custom framed memo boards with museum-quality components and affordable prices.

Organized Creativity

On top of being a fun way for households to share inspirational messages, inside jokes and silly doodles, memo boards are a useful way to organize shopping lists, appointments and other to-dos.

Our chalkboards and whiteboards are also magnetic! Combine doodles with other mementos on the same board.

framed corkboards
framed chalkboards

All Accessories Included

Each framed memo board comes with its own accessory bundle. Everything you'll need to scribble, pin and craft right out of the box. The hardware for securing your board to the wall is also included - all you'll need is a hammer and the right spot on the wall.

framed corkboards
framed chalkboards
framed chalkboards

Choose a Profile to Complement Your Board

The finish on a frame is one of the distinctive features we notice when looking at framed artwork, and the right style can complement your memo board perfectly. Choose from our diverse collection of gallery-worthy profiles.

custom frame profiles
online custom frame profiles
online custom frame profiles

Premium Surfaces for Effortless Expression

In developing our custom sized memo boards, we tested a wide variety of surfaces to find the absolute best experience for writing, erasing and pinning.

The whiteboards have a porcelain surface for effortless writing and a steel-backing to make it magnetic. Porcelain is incredibly durable and will not scratch or dent. Unlike cheaper alternatives, ink will not penetrate the non-porous surface meaning no stains you can't remove or "ghosting".

Our chalkboards also come with a porcelain surface receptive to magnets. This is the best material for chalk and can also be used with wet-erase markers. These boards can be washed down repeatedly without harming the surface.

Natural cork is a completely sustainable and biodegradable resource. Cork is unique in that the bark can be repeatedly harvested without damaging the trees, which can live for centuries. When you create a hole in your corkboard with a pin or tack and then remove it, it will "self heal" and close itself up, maintaining integrity even with heavy usage over time.