Dot Press for Artists & Photographers

Sell framed versions of your work, get paid on every sale

Our mission at Level Frames is making it more convenient, affordable and intuitive to custom frame your artwork and photos. We do this by bringing the whole experience online and delivering our handcrafted, museum-quality frames right to your door.

In framing for hundreds of artists, photographers and galleries, we've picked up on frustrations around selling framed versions of their own work. Dealing with customer questions or safely packing and shipping takes time away from creating.

Dot Press Artist Storefronts

To solve this problem, we built Dot Press. It’s the first end-to-end solution designed specifically for selling framed artwork, with printing, custom framing, shipping and customer support built right into the platform.

Perfect for a single campaign, or your entire portfolio

As soon as you enter Dot Press you can start uploading your artwork, photos, illustrations and designs.

For each new item, simply add a title, artist name, short description, and if you like, a longer description or story behind the work. This creates a unique detail page you can link to from anywhere online to circulate your work.

Online Storefront for Photographers

There’s no limit to the number of items you can upload, and everything is published to your own distraction-free, online portfolio.

Online Portfolio Site for Creatives

An instant storefront

Selling your work is as easy as flipping a switch.

Just set any item to “For Sale” in the dashboard and we’ll automatically suggest a range of print sizes and prices based on the image resolution. You can adjust the pricing or add new sizes, and we’ll show the expected profit per sale based on your settings.

Your fans, followers and customers can now purchase your work professionally printed or custom framed in a few clicks to their exact specifications.

Design Your Custom Frame Online

Run campaigns or limited-edition print runs

In addition to the storefront and portfolio functionality, you can create poster campaigns with the option to set a specific end-date.

This works great for one-off designs and artwork that appeals to a specific fan base or interest group.

Printed, framed, delivered & PAID

For every purchase, we handle the printing, framing, fulfillment and customer support (if you already have a printer, just let us know).

Each print and frame is made using the highest quality, gallery-worthy materials and backed by the Level Frames satisfaction guarantee.

We’ve shipped tens of thousands of custom frames over the last few years, but if something does go wrong or the frame arrives damaged, we make it right for the customer so that you never have to worry.

And when a sale is made, you’ll receive an email notification with the info, plus a link to your dashboard where you can track profits earned on each print.

Already have your own site?

Many of our artist partners already have a site they prefer to use and promote.

These partners add or embed "Buy it Framed" buttons on their own properties or social channels which point to the works they have set up on Dot Press.

You can create buttons or links directly to your overall Dot Press portfolio page, or create links to each individual work.

We even provide an embed code for each print.

It's another option that lets you maintain your own site and use Dot Press as the backend for selling and fulfilling framed versions of your work without any additional effort.

Who is Dot Press for?

We hope that artists, photographers, illustrators and visual designers find Dot Press a perfect home for their creative output. But we built it to be easy and intuitive for anyone.

With a single idea, design or photo — maybe one you were not previously thinking about selling — you can set up a beautiful page and make it available for sale as a print in minutes.

And even if you are already selling your work on your own site or elsewhere, you can use the platform as a complement to those shops for selling framed versions on par with what you’ll find in any high-end art gallery. It’s an easy way to save your customers the trip to the custom frame shop and create incremental revenue from your artwork.

Featured portfolios

Talented artists sharing and selling their work on Dot Press include watercolorist Susan Lin, illustrator Alexis Marcou, photographer Nicholas Klein, food artist Donna Yan, artist Fred Birchal and many more.

The platform is also well suited for brands, organizations and non-profits interested in creating new and unique artwork for their communities. A great example is Nikon, who commissioned ten limited-edition prints using famous and iconic cameras from the company’s storied history:

These prints are perfect for anyone passionate about photography and the classic design of Nikon cameras. Once the artwork was complete, it took less than an hour to set up the campaign on Dot Press.

Getting started

We’re excited to help creatives of all types showcase and sell framed versions of their work.

This ties in squarely with our mission of making walls look amazing and helping you better enjoy your work and living space. More art in the world is a positive thing, and surrounding ourselves with it feels good.

We invite you to add artwork or photos to your own Dot Press portfolio or create a new campaign. It only takes a few moments to set up an account and upload your first image.

We can’t wait to see what you share!


Level Frames is online custom framing made simple.
Dot Press is our contemporary portfolio and sales platform for creatives.