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Collage Details

Paper Type

Black Maple

with a  face and 1" depth.


Outer Dimensions: " x "


4-Ply Mat Colors

Each mat color offers conservation-level art protection throughout its surface, core and backing.

mat colors for custom frames online

8-Ply Mats

The mat opening is cut on an angle, creating a beveled edge around the inside. The thickness of the mat board, or ply, determines the size of that beveled edge. Standard mats are 4-ply, and we offer a thicker, 8-ply mat in select colors for a more refined and elevated look.

mat colors for custom frames online

Float Types

custom framing online sandwich float mount Sandwich Float

To reveal the edges of your artwork, you can float it on top of the mat. Change the Float Margin to adjust the amount of matting shown on each side. The artwork will be pressed between the glaze and the matting (hence the "sandwich").

If you are framing at home, the matting will arrive with pre-configured, double-sided tape strips to help you position the art.

custom framing elevated float mount with spacers Elevated Float Mount

Spacers inside the frame create a 1/4" air gap between the matting and glaze, and your artwork floats 1/8" above the mat on an archival foamboard lift. This creates a dramatic shadow around the edges and creates the illusion that your artwork is literally floating.

When we frame for you in our studio, we'll dry-mount your piece so that it lies perfectly flat and smooth (this will not damage your artwork, but cannot be reversed). When framing at home, the pre-installed lift comes with double-sided tape strips to help you position the art and secure it in place.

Discover More Collage Styles

  • Square Grid - Collage Picture Frame Style Select

    Square Grid

    Four 7" x 7" photos in a classic grid layout. Starting at $155.


  • Take Two Horizontal - Collage Picture Frame Style Select

    Take Two Horizontal

    Pair two 7.5" x 10" pics inside the perfect frame. Starting at $136.


  • Memory Mosaic - Collage Picture Frame Style Select

    Memory Mosaic

    An eye-catching way to celebrate top moments. Starting at $155.


  • Ascend 3 - Collage Picture Frame Style Select

    Ascend 3

    Three photos moving up and to the right. Starting at $137.


Museum-Quality in Every Collage Frame

  • Collage picture frames are handcrafted with 100% wood profiles and made in the USA
  • Acid-free, archival 4-ply matting and backing preserves your artwork for the long haul
  • Premium, framers grade TrueVue plexi chosen for its strength and clarity
  • Each photo for your collage photo frame is giclée printed using archival, pigment inks guaranteed not to fade for a century.

Shipping Info

Each collage picture frame is handcrafted to order and shipped to your door. We'll include everything required for hanging, all you need is a hammer. If you have any questions about the process, just let us know via chat or at

We Stand by Our Work

Our goal is to help you on this framing project and many more to come. If your frame shows up with any defects or you're not completely satisfied, let us know and we will make it right.

Select a Glaze

All glazing options are high-quality Tru Vue acrylic


An optically pure, lightweight and shatterproof acrylic. A fine choice for many items, but UV rays may fade or discolor the artwork over time.

A fine choice for many items, but UV rays may fade or discolor art over time.

UV Protection

Offers the same clarity and strength of Standard, while filtering 99% of UV rays to provide the highest level of protection against fading and discoloration of your art.

Filters 99% of UV rays for the highest level of protection against fading of artwork.

Non-Glare UV

Has a subtle, matte finish that diffuses the light to cut down on reflections. 99% UV protection level.

A subtle, matte finish diffuses light to reduce reflections plus 99% UV protection.

If your frame has a mat, the contents may appear slightly softened or blurred.

Optium Museum

A specialized anti-reflective coating makes this acrylic virtually invisible in most lighting conditions. Trusted by the world’s top museums, it provides crystal clear viewing with 99% UV protection for the absolute best in both display and preservation.

An anti-reflective, anti-static and virtually invisible acrylic trusted by the world’s top museums. A crystal clear view and full UV protection for the absolute best display.

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