Framing Options for NFT Creators

If you are an NFT artist or project creator, you may have seen people posting photos of your work inside a gallery-quality, custom frame. If so, there is a decent chance that we helped on the framing!

Collectors are coming to us every day to print and custom frame their NFTs.

We're making it easier to create premium, framed versions of any NFT that look amazing on the wall, and offer a number of options for artists and project owners looking to offer something even more special.

Below are a few case studies and examples that illustrate the different things we can provide to NFT creators.

World of Women - Exclusive Framing Options for Collectors

Inside the official World of Women website, collectors can connect a digital wallet and see their NFTs.

One of the perks WoW offers to verified holders is access to the high-res images for each token, which print beautifully and in great detail up to very large sizes. These files are far superior to the publicly available images for most NFTs, which are mainly used for thumbnails and previews.

Next to each NFT in the MyWoW section of the site, holders will also see a "Frame it" button which sends them directly into the online framing experience on our site. They can select a print size, customize the frame to their exact liking and checkout in just minutes.

We print each NFT on premium, archival matte art paper, handcraft the frame using museum-quality materials and ship right to the collectors door in about one week. Far more seamless, convenient and affordable than finding a printer and making separate visits to a custom frame shop.

Custom framed NFT art

Framed World of Women NFTs shared by @InvestingMary, @tlaird_expivia and @JonnyPickles on Twitter

If you reserve high-res images for your collectors and have a section on your own site they can access using a token, this type of integration works very well and provides additional value to owning the NFT.

Collectors love holding your token safely in their digital wallets, but we've also seen great desire to put them up on the wall where they can be enjoyed every day.

For an integration like this, the links on your site can be dynamically generated with a little JavaScript and an API key that we provide. If this is an interesting route for your project, let us know and we can send additional details about setting it up.

A bonus for your collectors and even more value is a special discount code we can attach to each link, exclusive to your community.

Dead Ringers - Signed Prints from Dmitri Cherniak

If you follow generative art, the artist Dmitri Cherniak and his "Ringers" collection on Art Blocks need no introduction.

In a recent project, Dmitri opened up a 24-hour minting period for a new NFT consisting of a 5 x 6 grid of algorithmically generated "Dead Ringers", with all proceeds to be donated to the NYC Food Bank. When the minting was complete, over $3.2 million had been raised. (16 million meals!)

We then helped Dmitri set up a storefront to sell signed and unsigned prints of The Dead Ringers: Edition.

Anyone could (and still can) purchase the unsigned version of Dead Ringers as a print or framed art at either 16" x 24" or 24" x 36". The custom framing experience is built right into the storefront:

Customize an art frame online with Level Frames

But only people holding the NFT could purchase the signed version of the physical print.

We set up a token-gate for the signed edition on Dmitri's storefront, making it available for a limited time. To access the art and framing options, users simply needed to connect their MetaMask wallet and verify ownership of the token.

After a tremendous response, Dmitri took down the signed option and we went to work printing on heavyweight, fine art paper using archival, pigment inks.

Dmitri hand-signed and numbered each print in both sizes before we framed them up and securely shipped to the awaiting collectors.

This artwork translates well onscreen, but is truly stunning in print form and at these sizes.

One of the most satisfying aspects of working on this project was seeing all of the happy Tweets from everyone who received a framed print and wanted to share the final results.

Framed Dead Ringer NFTs from Dmitri Cherniak shared by @justwavyj, @vmash33, @NFTbitseth and @TimSavolainen on Twitter

Setting up a storefront to offer prints and framed versions of your NFT is easy. You can reach out to us for assistance or get started using Dot Press, our artist portfolio and sales platform.

For any NFT that you want to token-gate, just let us know and we can turn it on in short notice.

Meta Angels - Customized Art Prints and Framing

Displaying NFTs inside custom frames

Meta Angels is an exciting new project with a vibrant community.

They set up an integration on their own site similar to the World of Women "Frame it" functionality, but with an innovative twist.

Collectors can not only access the high-res image of the NFT for custom framing, but they can also generate a digitally signed and numbered print that can be printed and custom framed in a few clicks.

It's an incredibly cool solution, especially for a 10,000 item NFT collection which would be quite daunting for any artist to sign by hand!

Reuben Wu - Tokens that Unlock Access to the Physical Print

When Reuben Wu set up his most recent NFT collection, Fourteenth Century Series, he wanted to give each owner the opportunity to acquire augmented reality features and access to the physical print.

Using our Dot Press platform, his storefront enables owners of each unique token in the series of 250 items to purchase exclusive art prints of their collected artwork.

Fourteenth Century Series NFT prints and framed prints

On the official website for the series, Reuben added a "Print" button which linked to the storefront, and also referenced the printing feature as part of the collection on OpenSea.

Fourteenth Century NFT Seris

It's another great example of using non-fungible tokens to unlock exclusive features and benefits.

If you're running an NFT project or have a mint coming up, we'd love to help your collectors enjoy framed versions of the artwork. With the options above and more that we are working on, we can take all of the printing, framing and fulfillment off your plate so that you can focus on the art and community. Simply send a chat or a note to

You can also follow @Levelframes on Twitter to see plenty of framed NFTs (and other types of artwork).

For the Collectors

If your favorite artist or collection doesn't have any custom framing options, you can send them a link to this page. We can provide the right solution to them so that you can easily frame your favorite NFTs and enjoy an exclusive discount.

In the meantime, there is no need to wait on printing or framing! All you need are the high-res image of the artwork, which you can upload here for printing and framing.

You can even create a collage frame with multiple NFT images.

Collage picture frame featuring @KattyBoopNFT's Flower Mood collection, posted by @JonnyPickles on Twitter

And if you don't have the images or time to track them down, you can alternatively connect your wallet on our site and we will look up the best images available. We only need read-only access, making this one of the easiest ways to print and frame your NFTs,

Note that we would be pulling images from the publicly available metadata on each token, and that in some cases, these images are not as good for printing which could limit the sizes available.

Print and Frame Your NFTs with Level Frames

Happy framing!