The Office Upgrade

When bare walls and motivational posters won’t cut it anymore


Decorating the walls of your office is a great way to provide inspiration and a more inviting work environment. From a single framed print of your company logo or team photo to a complete framed art makeover, Level can help transform your space one wall at a time.

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Custom Framing

Frame posters and prints you already have without leaving the office.

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Print & Frame

Send photos, designs or illustrations to be printed and framed in one step.

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Gallery Walls

Design a gallery wall using photos, press mentions, artwork, or anything else.

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We can find new framed artwork to match your decor or the personality of the team.

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For something totally unique, commission a brand new work of art.

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Pickup & Delivery

In certain areas, we can pick up your artwork for in-house framing.

Earnest logo

Case Study

For artwork and inspiration on the walls at work, a company's own branding can be a goldmine. This is a case study on how Earnest leveraged their own design resources to create framed posters that look amazing while communicating the company's culture and core values.

Read more and take a photo tour of their new HQ to see how we helped them pull of this project and level up their office space.

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