How Earnest Leveled Up At Work

Case study on a unique series of custom framed photos and artwork for the office

For inspiring artwork on the walls at work, a company's own branding can be a goldmine.

This is a case study on how Earnest leveraged their own design resources and online custom framing to create to create a series of prints that look amazing while communicating the company's culture and core values.

custom frame artwork

Earnest is a personal finance company that uses software automation, smart design and exceptional service to help people take control of their finances. They recently expanded into a large office space in San Francisco.

To decorate the walls and create a cohesive theme for the workspace, the design team was challenged to create a series of custom framed posters that played off everything the company stands for.

custom frame illustrations

Once ten designs were finalized, Level helped transform them into beautifully framed prints. The team at Earnest simply uploaded the completed files, and we took it from there.

Each design was printed at 20" x 16" on 240g Kodak Luster Paper, and framed in a 3/4" Natural Maple profile.

Due to the various lighting conditions around the office, we selected a non-glare acrylic glaze to cut down on reflections for unhindered viewing of the designs.

level frames online picture framing

Just ten days after receiving the files, we delivered the finished frames to Earnest HQ in San Francisco with all of the necessary hardware for hanging. The only task remaining was to figure out where to display everything.

Earnest lined one of their long hallways with a series of the frames, and placed others strategically in open floor plan areas as well as in smaller breakout rooms.

frame a photo level frames

frame a photo for businesses

custom framed artwork and photos

custom framing for the workplace

To cap it all off, we printed and framed a "2015 In Review" graphic that had recently been created and sent to all of the company's employees and clients as way to celebrate their success during the year:

Each custom frame was handcrafted using all wood profiles.

We use acid-free, archival matting and backing components so that the artwork or photos inside will not fade over time, and premium, framer's grade acrylic selected for it's strength and clarity.

In short, these are prints and frames that would look at home in any art gallery and can last a lifetime.

This was one bright idea from Earnest to leverage their own culture and design resources, and a great pleasure for us to help them pull it off.

If your company has it's own unique branding (designs, logos, mascots, specific colors or typography, slogans and mottos), or a talented team of designers who would jump at the chance to create something distinctive for the walls, we would love to work with you!

We are also at the ready if you already have files or need to frame a photo that will go up on the walls at your workspace.

Get in touch with us via chat or at, or read more about our printing and online custom framing services for the workplace.