Custom Framing in NYC

Our handcrafted custom frames are shipped all over the country, but we're proud to call Brooklyn home.

We love helping fellow New Yorkers frame photos and artwork that mean something to them. And our online framing experience means that you don't even need to leave your apartment to get the job done right.

Design the perfect frame in minutes, we'll handcraft and have it on your doorstep within a few days. We can send you the empty frame with instructions for mounting your artwork at home, or provide packaging and postage for sending items to be framed in our studio.

Continue reading for more perks of being in NYC and how we can help on your next framing project.

Two Ways to Custom Frame Art Prints & Posters

You can complete the entire framing process from our website on your computer or phone. If you have any questions or need guidance, we are a chat, email or phone call away.

When we frame artwork for you, you can send the items to our framing studio using a shipping label or packaging we will provide after the order is placed. We'll handcraft your frames in our studio and send everything back ready to hang.

If you prefer not to send your art through the mail, select our At Home framing kit. We ship the frame directly to you with everything you'll need to mount the artwork and hang it on the wall.

It's a ~15 minute DIY project that many of our customers love:

Upload and Frame Your Photos

Have a digital image that you would like to print and frame?

We love printing pet photos, family portraits, wedding pictures, travel pics or anything else you've captured on camera.

Frame a Photo with Level Frames

In addition to printing and framing your pictures at any size up 36", we have a selection of tabletop picture frames as well as a fully customizable collage frame so that you can tell a story with up to five images in the same frame.

Fast Turnarounds & Free Shipping

A major plus of being local is the turnaround time.

For completed orders that we ship directly to you, the transit time is only one day. Even when you factor in 2 to 3 days for the actual framing, it's still a fraction of the time required by a traditional frame shop and perfect for anyone in a pinch.

You can also count on us for last minute framed gift ideas.

The Benefits of Framing Online

We understand that finding the right frame can be tricky, so we're making the entire process as convenient and intuitive as possible.

We've built guidance into our online frame builder and a beautiful way to visualize the different framing options. We're also standing by to show you curated framing recommendations if you're having trouble determining a frame or mat color.

Already know what you want to frame?

Start Framing

Oversize & Special Framing Projects

We get a lot of requests to frame items that are a little out of the ordinary versus the standard art print or photo.

Framing all kinds of memorabilia, such as cross-stitched artwork, baby clothes, tickets, drumsticks and anything else you can imagine is a great way to relive important moments of the past in your daily life.

White gallery style custom frame

Photo credit: The Makerista

We also frame extra large prints and photos for customers all over the city.

Oversize frames - a great way to make a statement in any space - can get very expensive at traditional frame shops, but we've set up a specialized workflow to make them more affordable. We're able to work with items up to 60" x 96" and deliver the completed frames directly to your space via art courier.

Art courier is also an option for orders that contain many, many frames. If you're framing for an office or commercial space, exhibiting all of your work in a show or putting together a serious gallery wall, we can deliver your frames by hand.

Museum-Quality In Each Picture Frame

All Level frames are handcrafted by an expert team of framers using archival and acid-free ingredients to help properly protect and beautifully display your photos, artwork and other items.

We offer a selection of solid-wood frames ranging from the modern styles you might find at an art gallery, to the rustic frames that evoke warm feelings of a cozy fireplace, to classic vintage options that provide a regal touch.

We've got the basics and so much more.

Custom Frames Online

There is enough hustle and bustle in this city every day, our mission is to make custom framing as easy and efficient as possible without letting up on any quality standards.

Quick turnarounds for premium, custom picture frames at a fraction of the prices you'll find at local frame shops.

Customizing a frame online for a Joey Roth art print

We are here and available online via chat and email to help with any framing project you have in mind. If we can't help with a particular project, we'll try to point you in the right direction.

We'd love to help you turn ideas into reality!