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Sneak Preview: Framed Vinyl

November 19 2015

In 1948, Columbia Records introduced the first successful long-playing phonograph. A few decades later, the record sleeve had become one of the 20th Century's greatest canvases for creative expression. From The Beatles' Abbey Road to Nirvana's Never Mind, album covers make up some of the most recognizable and culturally significant artwork of all time.

Today, vinyl is by no means dead, but the rise of Spotify and other digital services has pulled us farther away from experiencing music and the artists we love in a more visual, tactile …

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Subtle UI Effects For Production Apps

November 16 2015

This is part 1 in the series: Subtle UI Effects For Production Applications.

Interesting animations and effects can play a big role in the user experience for any app or website. Some effects are cool and eye catching when you first see them but more times than not they are too dramatic and quickly become distracting. Seemingly every wordpress theme these days has crazy parallax (killing the scroll fps) and icons popping in from all directions.

In building and continually improving an online experience for ordering custom frames, …

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Level Frames in the Wild

November 09 2015

Every custom framing project has the same ultimate goal: Satisfaction and pride over the final artwork displayed on your wall. Nothing makes us happier than seeing people hit this target with Level.

Below are a just a few such accomplishments that have been shared with us.

Getting some new stuff up on the walls thanks to @levelframes + @mondotees + @dandanmccarthy #jurassicpark #bingo #dinoDNA
A photo posted by Mike Johnson (@animalslikeyou) on

The wood room needed some modern art, and this DIY is something …

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Around The World(s) Collection

September 28 2015

Books, movies, comics, and tv shows are powerful modes of transportation -- they have the ability to take you to and immerse you in imaginative environments that you wish were real. Each print in this Collection is a step closer to making your wishes come true.

Prints inspired by you favorite Disney destinations. Artwork by Jamie Harknett (left, right) and Magic Mushroom Paper Company (middle).

This Collection features artist renditions of travel advertisements for fictional destinations, ranging from your favorite Disney movie to …

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Studio Ghibli Collection

September 27 2015

Bring the magical worlds from Studio Ghibli to your homes with this Collection of framed art prints featuring your favorite Ghibli characters!

‘Mei’ by Susan Lin


Studio Ghibli is a Japanese animation studio that has gained international popularity and critical acclaim for decades. Out of the studio’s 20 feature films, 4 have been nominated for Academy Awards, and Spirited Away won an Oscar for Best Animated Feature in 2002.

Level presents a robust Collection of art prints from these beloved worlds and characters.

‘Sheeta’, ‘San’, …

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Alexis Marcou Collection

September 27 2015

Alexis Marcou is a talented international artist with a distinctive and dynamic art style. He’s developed a unique form of art over the years, with techniques that combine traditional methods with the latest digital applications and tools. Alex is known for the use of intricate shading and geometric lines using mainly graphite.

'Stone Lion'

Check out this selection of works from the new Collection of prints available framed.

‘Taste of Glory’, ‘Wise Owl’, and ‘Grizzly’

'Bad Panda', 'Panda'

Alexis Marcou constantly tries to capture dynamic …

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The Scott Balmer Collection

September 23 2015

A new collection of art prints available framed and ready to hang

“What has been presented here in this collection is a mixture of my work containing pieces inspired by movies, video games amongst other things.

This collection includes illustrations which were produced for numerous exhibitions and also a few personal pieces based on my love for the subject matter being offered here.”—Scott Balmer

‘Houses of the Holy’

The Artist

Scott Balmer is a freelance illustrator who lives and works in the UK where he produces work for various …

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Watercolor Trees by Susan Lin

September 22 2015

Susan Lin’s Watercolor Trees are what dreams are made of. Her light, feathery brushstrokes and delicate use of colors create vivacious trees that exist on the cusp of reality and fantasy. This series began when Susan came across the 100DayProject, inspiring her to create 100 days of Watercolor Trees.

‘Hanami Tree’, ‘Must Trees’, ‘ Cyan Hex Tree’

Thus far, 72 trees out of 100 have been completed. Each tree was sparked by an ephemeral moment or conversation from that day which was made personal and permanent with every stroke of her brush. …

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Joey Roth Collection

September 19 2015

In 2010, Joey Roth created Charlatan, Martyr, Hustler, the first design in what was to become a series of limited-edition, letterpress posters that document his insights on the creative process. These designs, which speak to the route one takes from initial inspiration through launching something into the world, have become iconic to a community of designers, entrepreneurs, artists, startups and makers.

For the first time, the four posters are available custom framed—customize to your own taste, or use the Artist Choice button and go …

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Introducing Level Collections

September 15 2015

The best framed art from around the web, curated weekly

There’s an ocean of artwork out there waiting to be discovered. The hard part is sifting through it all to find something that really speaks to you and perfectly complements your space.

Another challenge has been finding a beautiful frame once you’ve found that must-have print or photo. We’re here to help on both of these fronts, with the introduction of Level Collections.

Our first featured Collection is from designer Joey Roth.

With help from special guests, we’re curating …

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Level Frames in the Wild (Part 2)

September 10 2015

This is Part 2 of Level Frames in the Wild. Go here for Part 1.

Every custom framing project has the same ultimate goal: Satisfaction and pride over the final artwork displayed on your wall. Nothing makes us happier than seeing people hit this target with Level.

Below are a just a few such accomplishments that have been shared with us.

Current status: I keep my todo list on my wall. Frames by @levelframes #makesomethingpeoplewant #neversettle #levelframes #priime
A photo posted by Joe Pestro (@joepestro) on

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How to print and frame your pictures

May 08 2015

Turn any picture into beautiful, framed artwork

We've been printing and framing photos by special request, and have just released a tool that helps you frame your pictures in a few easy steps.

It's designed for those frame-worthy pictures stuck in your camera roll, Dropbox, or forgotten folder of vacation photos, and can also be used to print and frame original artwork and designs. Read more details below, or frame a photo now.

We've made it simple

Starting on the Photos page, drag and drop an image file into the upload area. Or hit …

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