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Give the Gift of Custom Framing This Season

December 20 2016

A beautifully framed print, photo or album brings new life to any space, but it can be tricky picking something out for others. Give the gift of custom framing with an e-gift card from Level, and let your recipient decide how to make their walls look awesome.

If you are looking for a last minute gift idea, these will do the trick. Simply select the amount and your preferred delivery date, and we’ll send a delightful email with all of the details. Our gift cards can be used on all our custom framing services.

How does the e-gift card work …

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Our Top Frame-Worthy Gifts

December 08 2016

We're making holiday shopping easier and better. Beyond housing beautiful artwork, our elegant custom frames can bring to life unique vinyl records, sentimental memories and more. To help you get inspired this holiday season, we've prepared a list of frame-worthy gifts sure to impress the people on your list (including yourself).

Frame Your/Their Best Photos

We make printing and framing photos a breeze -- upload them onto our website, customize a handcrafted frame, and done! The framed photo is delivered to you or the recipient's …

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Transform Your Photos Into Art

November 25 2016

What if you could recreate any image in the style of a famous painter or art period?

Recent breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence have made it possible to do just that, and we've incorporated this magic into Level so that you can transform your own photos into new and unexpected masterpieces.

Meet Our New AI Photo Filters

Simply upload any photo, and then choose among nine artistic styles to see the different ways it can be transformed.

Give Oil Painting, Abstract, Stained Glass, Impressionist and the other themes a spin -- it's fun …

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So Much to See (and Frame) at NYCC 2016

October 20 2016

We attended New York Comic Con to get our fix of amazing posters, prints and original art to frame, and had a blast as usual. It's the biggest pop culture convention on the East Coast, and weaving through the convention center's seemingly endless alleys can be exhilarating -- you never know when you'll brush shoulders with Harley Quinn from Batman or Eleven from Stranger Things. Poster collectors and art enthusiasts are like kids in a candy shop amidst the rows after row of superhero and villain portraits on display.

Being major pop …

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Common Questions About Framing

September 28 2016

This October 2nd will mark the second anniversary of our launch. We are just getting started.

Many people are still under the impression that framing requires trekking back and forth to the mall or custom frame shop, stressing out over an overwhelming number of choices, and paying inflated prices. To shed more light on online custom framing and help you get more treasured items up on the wall, below are answers to a few of the questions we’ve been asked most frequently over the last two years.

What can you frame?

Art prints and …

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More Stellar Art Prints by NASA

September 23 2016

Who doesn't dream of being in space? The allure and beauty of space is undeniable and NASA wants to recruit you. The agency just released a series of retro posters advertising potential jobs and responsibilities that we need on day.

These frame worthy prints were originally commissioned back in 2009 for an exhibit at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor's Complex.

All eight statement-making recruitment posters are available free for download here. Here's a sneak peak of our favorites from the bunch and how they would look custom …

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More Ways To Frame Your Vinyl Records

August 26 2016

It's been almost a year since we first introduced framed vinyl as a new product on Level, and our catalogue is still growing with your requests. We love getting to know your taste in music, so don't be shy if you can't find your favorite album on our framed vinyl records page -- we'll track it down and frame it for you.

David Bowie's "Aladdin Sane" custom framed in Black Maple

Custom Framed Vinyl Formats

We're still pushing the boundaries on framing this classic format. Here are just a few ways we can make framing your records even more …

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What it Means to Float Your Artwork

August 05 2016

When To Float

We have a lot of fun helping our customers work out what type of frame and style works best for their artwork and tastes. Depending on the aesthetic of your print and the type of paper it's printed on, we could recommend floating as an option. Floating a print means that it will sit on top of the matting, as opposed to being partially overlapped by the mat.

Float mounted Egyptian papyrus print with spacers in our Natural Maple frame

When a print has deckled or uneven edges, we typically suggest this treatment to emphasize …

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Photo Apps We Love: Prisma

July 25 2016

Some photos benefit from a little editing to get them just right for printing and custom framing with Level. There are basic fixes like cropping, brightening, removing red eye, and countless apps for making such incremental improvements.

And then there are tools that will completely transform your photos into something new, artistic and entirely different.

Meet Prisma

The latest photo editing phenomenon is called Prisma. It's an iPhone (and now Android) app that is taking off across the world, and for good reason. Prisma has developed …

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Get Creative with New Collage Frame Options

June 25 2016

The freedom to create your own collage frame layout

A few weeks ago we introduced the Level 3 collage picture frame - a triptych frame with three separate photos, each revealed within its own mat window opening. For convenience, we selected four designs for this classic framing style, allowing you to choose the orientation of the frame (vertical or horizontal) and your photos (landscape or portrait).

Now, you have the option to create a totally custom collage by adjusting the number of photos, mat and frame width, orientation and more.

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The Beauty of Pixels Extends Beyond Our Monitors and Onto Our Walls

June 10 2016

In this digital age we live in, we are bombarded by so many pixels that sometimes we hardly even notice their presence. With the influx of video games over the last few decades, pixels are no longer just the seemingly infinite number of dots on our monitors but are now considered an art form.

Wolverine, Stegasaurus, and Vader with Snowman by Alex Griendling.

Pixel art is a type digital art where artists meticulously choose the location of each and every pixel to create scenes and images. They're reminiscent of 8-bit, 16-bit, or …

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The Level 3: A New and Better Way to Create a Collage Frame

June 01 2016

3 is a Magic Number

A triptych collage frame displays three separate photos, each revealed within its own mat window opening. It's the perfect way to create a theme, tell a story, or just showcase three of your best photos when you can't decide which one to frame.

We are such huge fans of this style that we've built a seamless experience for creating your very own. It's called the Level 3.

Traditionally, to build a collage frame like this entailed searching for an appropriately sized ready-made frame and then having to figure out how to …

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