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Introducing Level Collections

By - September 15 2015

The best framed art from around the web, curated weekly

There’s an ocean of artwork out there waiting to be discovered. The hard part is sifting through it all to find something that really speaks to you and perfectly complements your space.

Another challenge has been finding a beautiful frame once you’ve found that must-have print or photo. We’re here to help on both of these fronts, with the introduction of Level Collections.

Our first featured Collection is from designer Joey Roth.

With help from special guests, we’re curating …

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Level Frames in the Wild (Part 2)

By - September 10 2015

This is Part 2 of Level Frames in the Wild. Go here for Part 1.

Every custom framing project has the same ultimate goal: Satisfaction and pride over the final artwork displayed on your wall. Nothing makes us happier than seeing people hit this target with Level.

Below are a just a few such accomplishments that have been shared with us.

Current status: I keep my todo list on my wall. Frames by @levelframes #makesomethingpeoplewant #neversettle #levelframes #priime
A photo posted by Joe Pestro (@joepestro) on

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How to print and frame your pictures

By - May 08 2015

Turn any picture into beautiful, framed artwork

We've been printing and framing photos by special request, and have just released a tool that helps you frame your pictures in a few easy steps.

It's designed for those frame-worthy pictures stuck in your camera roll, Dropbox, or forgotten folder of vacation photos, and can also be used to print and frame original artwork and designs. Read more details below, or frame a photo now.

We've made it simple

Starting on the Photos page, drag and drop an image file into the upload area. Or hit …

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How to Frame your Prints, Posters and Pictures

By - February 19 2015

Be your own custom framer

Getting anything framed and up on your wall can be painful, confusing and expensive. You're either out hunting for a decent quality frame in just the right size, or paying 10x the cost of the art itself and waiting weeks with a custom frame shop.

Level Frames can help you custom frame your prints, posters and photos without leaving the house or breaking the bank.

First, let us know what you are framing by providing the dimensions of your artwork to the nearest 1/8".Next, you'll see your artwork represented …

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