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Custom Framing Superpowers

Online framing is even better with a Level Frames account

October 16 2020

We're building the best online custom framing experience so that you can enjoy more art and photos on your walls.

That experience is even better with a Level Account. When you sign up, you'll access exclusive benefits as well as a streamlined interface that makes it even easier to find and customize a frame you will love.

Create your free account today, or continue reading for a detailed overview of our accounts and rewards program.

The Dashboard

Your account pulls together everything you need to know about your account and provides an …

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4 Ways to Frame a Picture

Your best photos turned into framed works of art in just days

October 08 2020

Surrounding yourself with photos of your favorite moments and people is one of the easiest ways to spruce up your home.

We've got multiple ways to frame a picture stored on your phone or camera, and can deliver it to your door ready-to-hang within a week.

Whether it's an image from your wedding, an unforgettable trip, a family portrait session or any other subject that brings you joy, we've got you covered.

Create a Gallery Style Framed Photo

frame a picture online custom framing with level frames

First, find the most epic or inspiring image in your collection. Or, select something …

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Freshly Framed in September

Artwork and photos newly framed up and looking sharp

October 02 2020

Whether it's original artwork, a favorite photo or a loving gift, the goal of every custom framing project is the same: Satisfaction and pride over the final work of art on your wall.

With the arrival of Fall, let's celebrate some of the online framing feats our customers pulled off during the month of September.

custom framing at home

Using our At Home custom framing kit, @agirlahreyhound framed this hand-made wedding gift in our 3/4" Walnut frame with 1.5" of matting.

All of the materials used in our frames are archival and acid-free, and with the …

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Your Guide to Styling Walls

Inspiration for gallery walls & creating your own personal look with framing

September 23 2020

The way you fill empty walls in your home, apartment or office makes a big impact on how you experience each space.

With online framing, you can preserve and beautifully display special artwork, photos and other items that make you feel good.

There are countless creative ways to display these pieces. We'll break down a few of our favorites that we hope will inspire you.

The Grid Pattern

Image source: Pinterest

If you have an even number of similarly sized pieces or framed photos, the grid pattern is pretty fail-proof.

It's a clean …

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Level Frames for Artists & Photographers

September 15 2020

We enjoy working with artists, designers and photographers and helping to grow their business.

We're able to assist with a number of touch points including fine art printing, museum-quality framing and shipping frames to your customers and clients. It's all powered by our online framing experience that makes custom framing more convenient, affordable and intuitive.

Read on for more about our artist services, or start a conversation by clicking on the button below!

Sell your artwork framed

How We Can Help

  • Framing and printing for exhibitions, shows or personal …

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Your Guide to Framed Wedding Photos & Gifts

September 09 2020

Now that we are through the Spring but still in the thick of wedding season, we're getting lots of requests for interesting gift ideas as well as questions about the best ways to frame wedding photos.

This year has been a little different to say the least, which has forced people to get even more creative.

So if a friend is getting hitched or if you're looking for an easy but meaningful way to commemorate your own big day, we've got you covered.

When You Know the Newlyweds

Create a Custom Collage Frame

A classic, and for good reason. …

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Oversize Prints and Custom Frames

September 01 2020

We're obsessed with providing the best online custom framing experience for your artwork and photos.

If you have an oversized item to frame, or want to print and frame something HUGE for your walls, we have you covered!

This is our guide to extra large picture frames for really big posters, prints and photos.

via @crysun on Instagram

Framing Oversize Artwork with Level

When framing artwork already in your possession, you have the option to receive an empty frame and insert the item on your own.

However, for anything larger than …

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How We Make Sure Your Photos Are Perfect

August 07 2020

All photos are not created equal. Aside from any artistic or sentimental qualities they may possess, the image resolution may range from very low to extremely high.

Usually, the naked eye can tell the difference and you'll hear people throw around the terms "high-res" and "low-res," but there is a bit more to this concept and how it affects print quality when you go from a digital image to a framed photo or collage picture frame on the wall

The Science

The Cannon and Epson inkjet printers we use to produce your photos create prints by …

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What it Means to Float Your Artwork

July 31 2020

When To Float

We have a lot of fun helping our customers work out what type of framing style works best for their artwork and tastes.

With online framing, the experience is more convenient and affordable than ever.

When framing your poster, print or photo, adding a beveled mat is a great way to make it look sharp and draw more focus to the artwork. The inside edge of the mat's window opening will overlap the art by 1/4" on each side to hold everything in place.

Bevel Cut Mat on Picture Frame Level Frames

But if traditional over-matting would cover part of the art that should be …

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Custom Framing in NYC

July 28 2020

Our handcrafted custom frames are shipped all over the country, but we're proud to call Brooklyn home.

We love helping fellow New Yorkers frame photos and artwork that mean something to them. And our online framing experience means that you don't even need to leave your apartment to get the job done right.

Design the perfect frame in a matter of minutes, we'll handcraft and have it on your doorstep within a few days. Continue reading for more perks of being in NYC and how we can help on your next framing project.

Fast Turnarounds …

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Common Questions About Framing

July 17 2020

Many people are still under the impression that framing photos and artwork requires trekking back and forth to the mall or custom frame shop, stressing out over an overwhelming number of choices, and paying inflated prices.

To shed more light on online custom framing and help you get more treasured items up on the wall, we've answered below a few of the most common questions we get asked about the process.

What can you frame?

Our bread and butter is framing art prints and posters you've collected, along with photos that we print and …

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Album Framing Instructions

June 12 2020

If you're ready to frame one of your records with our DIY Album Frame, watch the following video for step by step instructions.

You can also read through more detailed directions below. And if you run into any questions or issues, please send us a chat or an email so that we can help!

Included with your frame you should find:

  • Small screwdriver with a reversible head
  • Micro-fiber cloth
  • Hanging wire and screws
  • 2 plastic bumpers
  • Picture hanging hook for the wall
  • Anti-static foam padding (wrapped around the frame)

Once you have …

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