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Picture Frame Hanging Tips & Tricks

Our guide for hanging one or a gallery wall of frames

March 12 2020

Getting a favorite photo or piece of artwork framed is a good feeling. With online custom framing, it's easier than ever. Figuring out where to hang it and how to make it look perfect on your wall? Maybe not so much.

If you're unfamiliar with the fundamentals of hanging picture frames or just looking for pointers, we're here to help make your experience better.

The Hardware

The most common types of hanging hardware are the sawtooth and wire systems.

For smaller frames - anything under around 14" x 14" - a sawtooth bracket on the top …

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Decorate Your Office Space with Custom Framing

Tips & Ideas for Framing up the Walls at Work

March 06 2020

A well-decorated office helps you feel extra inspired to do your best work, and provides everyone, including visitors, clients and colleagues, a way to get to know you and or your company better.

If you are in charge of decorating the office at a huge company or simply putting together your own work-from-home sanctuary, online custom framing makes it easy to outfit your workspace with framed artwork and photos.

Here are our tips and recommendations for making your office space looks its absolute best.

Custom Framing for the Office

Corporate & Big Office Spaces

Frame a Photo for Office and Commercial Spaces

What …

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How to Take Care of Your Picture Frame

Tips for cleaning framed artwork and photos

February 25 2020

If you've experienced the convenience of online custom framing, you know that designing a frame can take as little as five minutes.

Once you have it home and on the wall, it's important to clean your frame just like any piece of furniture so that your artwork or photo can be admired for years to come.

Below please find our top tips for taking care of your picture frame.

The Frame

Online Framing Maple Profile

For wooden frames, use a soft, damp rag or microfiber cloth to gently clean the profile. You can spray a small amount of dust cleaner onto the cloth (never …

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Custom Frame Styles to Match Your Decor

Our range of profiles makes online framing easy

February 14 2020

Our frame family is growing and we couldn't be more excited!

One of the benefits of online framing is being able to visualize all of the possible frame and mat combinations. With 18 different profiles, it's easy to choose the perfect frame for photos, posters and prints.

The Gallery Collection

It's hard to go wrong with our best selling black and white gallery-style profiles, or with a natural maple or walnut look.

Custom Framed Vinyl Records

These frames are classic thanks to their clean lines and ability to match any room decor. The entire collection …

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Custom Framing in 90 Seconds

See How Each Custom Frame is Handcrafted in our Studio

February 07 2020

Each custom frame from Level is handcrafted using archival and acid-free materials that will look great and properly protect your artwork, posters, prints, photos and more.

Watch the 30 minute process unfold in less than two minutes at our framing studio:

frame a picture - level frames

Ready to design your own custom frame online?

Once you've provided the dimensions of your artwork, you can customize every aspect of your frame - from profile color and style, to the mat width, even the type of glaze.

It takes around 5 minutes or less to get the exact frame you …

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4 Reasons to Go with Online Framing

Why you should use an online framing service for your custom framing needs.

January 17 2020

For a treasured poster, photo or art print, you'll want to take some extra care with the framing.

Ready-made frames from Ikea or Target have attractive price tags, but can actually do damage to your artwork over time or even fall apart. With online framing, you get the benefit of easy ordering and delivery to your door, as well as top of the line materials designed to preserve your items over the long haul.

Let's break down four reasons why framing online should be your first option:

1) Protect Your Artwork

Anything that comes into …

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Where to Find Unique Movie Posters to Frame Online

January 08 2020

Awards show season has just kicked off, so what better time to talk about our favorite movies, television, characters and the artwork they've inspired?

Since the first day we started online custom framing, movie posters and prints have been one of most common categories to pass through our framing studio.

With this in mind, we have curated a list of some of our favorite places to shop for them online.

Bottleneck Gallery

Source: Bottleneck Gallery (Artists L to R: Laurent Durieux, Matt Ferguson and Dave Perilo)

Home to a rotating …

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The Gift of Custom Framing

December 17 2019

A beautifully framed print or photo brings new life to any space, but it can be tricky picking something out for others. Now you can give the gift of custom framing with an E-gift card from Level Frames, and let your recipient decide what they need or like best.

Simply select the amount and the date on which you'd like them to receive it, and we’ll send a delightful email with all of the details. It's a great gift that you can deliver right on time, even after our holiday order deadlines have passed.

Gift cards can be used on any …

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Dot Press for Artists & Photographers

Sell framed versions of your work and get paid on every sale

November 14 2019

Our mission at Level Frames is making it easier, less expensive and more intuitive to custom frame your artwork and photos. We do this by bringing the whole experience online and delivering our handcrafted, museum-quality frames right to your door.

In framing for hundreds of artists, photographers and galleries, we've picked up on the frustrations they encounter in selling framed versions of their own work. Dealing with framing requests and figuring out shipping is non-trivial, and takes time away from creating.

To solve this problem, …

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New Frame Alert: The Alloy Collection

November 05 2019

We're excited to announce a brand new set of frames now available on the site.

One of the advantages of online custom framing is that you can easily visualize how different styles would complement the items you are framing.

This new collection was chosen for its sophisticated yet industrial look, expanding our range of styles to help you find the perfect frame for your photos, posters and art prints.

The Alloy Collection

Soft Gold, Nickel and Mercury come in two different widths; a thinner option for a sleeker, modern look, and a thicker …

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​5 Websites for Free Art, Images & Photos (to Print & Frame)

November 01 2019

Hanging new artwork on a bare wall is a great feeling, but it can be a challenge to find something you like enough to frame that's also within budget.

Enter this useful list of online resources we’ve put together for free, high-resolution images available for download and your custom framing pleasure.

1. Audubon's Birds of America

John James Audubon’s Birds of America was printed between 1827 and 1838, featuring over 400 prints based on the artist's original watercolor paintings.

Custom Framing Bird Prints Audubon

The National Audubon Society has recently made every …

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Level Frames vs. Framebridge

October 28 2019

We're on a mission to make custom framing more convenient, intuitive and affordable. We do this by bringing the entire purchase experience online, handcrafting each frame to museum standards, and providing amazing customer support.

Online framing is relatively new and still unfamiliar to many people. We're frequently asked how it works, as well as how Level Frames compares to Framebridge, another online picture framing site.

More Than One Way to Frame

When you order a custom picture frame through Level, we can handcraft the frame to …

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