Jennifer Laura's Bar Cart Gallery Wall

Custom framing the perfect art and photos for the One Room Challenge

The One Room Challenge is a widely anticipated event in which design influencers are challenged to completely transform a space. It's the ultimate before and after showcase for home decor that unfolds over six weekly posts.

We're big fans of the event and have helped many designers pull off eye-popping transformations, typically featuring several custom picture frames if not an entire gallery wall of framed art and photos.

Most recently, our friend Jennifer Laura took on the challenge with a dining room that started off ordinary and ended up anything but.

How it Started

Image credit: Jennifer Laura Living

Over the course of six weeks, Jennifer completely made over this room-- she updated the paint color and added wallpaper, upgraded the chandelier and ceiling millwork, reupholstered the dining chairs, and brought in new elements including a hutch, grandfather clock, and bar cart.

Image credit: Jennifer Laura Living

It's almost an entirely different room after this top to bottom makeover, with final touches soon to be applied with the help of online custom framing.

Jennifer created a small gallery wall of frames over the new bar cart she installed in one of the corners using a floral print and a black and white brushstroke illustration.

She selected the Academie Black profile from our Classic frames collection, which is an all-wood, ridged profile that features a gold-flecked trim around the inside edges.

For the floral print, a black mat was added to create a bit of extra drama and focus the eye on the colorful flower arrangement in the painting.

The final result of the two custom framed prints stacked above the bar cart:

Gallery Wall Over a Bar Cart Picture Framing

Image credit: Jennifer Laura Living

On the other side of the room, next to a sentimental and special grandfather clock (that actually belonged to her grandparents), Jennifer added a framed ace of clubs and a five of spades.

The "15" spelled out by these cards also had special meaning, signifying her 15th anniversary.

For these two items, she uploaded digital images to the site before customizing the frame. In addition to the Academie profile, the black matting was used again to create a dark background for the cards to create a strong visual contrast.

You have the same flexibility and options when framing your own photos with us. Upload your picture, select a print size, and customize the frame online to get the exact look you want.

Custom Framing in the Dining Room
Image credit: Jennifer Laura Living

In all cases, the frames do a great job complementing the artwork, and each completed frame does a great job complementing the space.

It's a great example of how framing meaningful prints, photos, and other items can help transform a space into something really special and personalized.

How it Ended

Image credit: Jennifer Laura Living

Thanks, Jenn, for custom framing with us and sharing photos of this amazing transformation!

To see more inspiring design work, you can follow her on Instagram or see the many projects she is working on at her website.

You can also learn more about the One Room Challenge and see any of the nearly 5,000 projects that have been completed as part of this event.

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Gallery Wall of Framed Photos

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