How to Frame Posters, Prints & Pictures

Be your own custom framer

Getting artwork and photos framed and up on your wall can be painful, confusing and expensive. You're either out hunting for a decent quality frame in just the right size, or paying an exorbitant amount and waiting weeks with a custom frame shop.

Now you can customize an affordable, gallery worthy frame that ships directly to your door in about one week.

Photo credit: @LukesBeard

We're on a mission to make it more convenient, affordable and intuitive to custom frame posters, prints and photos. No need to leave the house or break the bank.

To get started, first let us know about the item you are framing by providing its dimensions to the nearest 1/8". If more convenient, use the toggle in between the width and height controls to provide the measurements in centimeters.

Next, you'll see your artwork dimensions represented onscreen and can preview different frame styles and mat combinations until you find the one that suits best.

Use the controls to change the profile color, frame width, mat border and mat color. Your preview will update dynamically as you scroll through various options.

We can even suggest an optimal "Golden Ratio" configuration if you are unsure.

If you'd like to preview your print or poster inside the frame, click on the "Preview Artwork" button that is just above the different frames styles and alongside the "Golden Ratio."

And for a second opinion, you can click on "Get Feedback" to share your framing choice with friends or family before purchasing.

Give it a try now and customize a frame to fit a 18" x 24" poster.

Frame from home in 15 minutes or less

The final frame is handcrafted and shipped to your door within a week. When it arrives, simply follow the instructions to insert your artwork and mount the frame on the wall using the included hardware.

It's a ten to fifteen minute DIY project for each frame.

If you prefer, we can frame artwork for you in our studio. When you select the In-Studio option, we can provide packaging and postage for sending your items in. We'll frame everything perfectly and send it all back ready to hang.

Learn more about the best custom framing method for you.

Custom frame shop quality for a fraction of the price

Our frames are available in a variety of colors and custom finishes.

Acid-free archival mats, UV blocking glaze and eco-friendly finishes protect your art and round out the gallery look.

All of our museum-quality materials are selected based on their quality and sustainability, and every framing project is handcrafted here in the U.S.

The highest level of customization you can find online

Our online frame designer puts you in control of each frame you customize.

Not only can you choose the frame style that best matches your artwork, you can adjust the width of the profile to best suit the size of the piece or style you are going for.

A thinner profile can look more sleek and contemporary, while a thicker one provides a more traditional look and provides more sturdiness on larger prints and photos.

You can also adjust the size of the matting around your image, and even decide to float mount your artwork.

Finally, we offer a number of different acrylic glaze types. This is the final step when customizing your frame.

A standard framer's grade acrylic is fine for most artwork provided you won't be hanging your frame in direct sunlight, but you can elect to add UV-protection or one of our glazes that cuts down on glare and reflections.

If you want the absolute best in glazing, we can even add Optium Museum Acrylic, which is incredibly light, nearly invisible and trusted by museums worldwide to protect against fading and UV ray damage.

Learn more about which glaze to choose for your custom frame.

Check out our customer reviews from real people who have used Level for online framing, and let us know if there are any questions or tricky framing situations we can help with.

Happy framing!