Stand Out With These Special & Quick Framed Gift Ideas

With leaves falling and the temperature dropping, holiday tinsels and present shopping isn't far behind. It's true that we're barely past Halloween, but is it ever too early to think about the special people on your list?

Get a jump on your gifting so that you can relax later, and surprise someone with one of the seriously one-of-a-kind keepsakes below.

Fair warning, these sentimental framed presents will exceed expectations, but may be difficult for you to top next year.

Framed Ticket Stubs

Tickets usually get lost or tossed out by the time the experience of the actual event has worn off. Keep the memory alive by framing the ticket stub or other mementos from the outing.

Whether it was that awesome concert, the big game, or an amazing trip, hold on to your stubs and receipts and we'll help you custom frame them. It's a gift that brings back and preserves the moments you shared with the recipient.

Image credit: Creative Pro, Cleveland Browns

To pepper in some extra personalization, a double mat adds a nice dramatic contrast of color and can make the seemingly small ticket (figuratively) pop out of the frame.

If you are framing a sport's ticket, use the matting to feature the iconic color of the team.

Framed Polaroid Pictures

Polaroids experienced a resurgence in recent years and we're not looking back! These instant photographic prints look small but make a big impact. When many are presented together, it resembles a completed puzzle set made up of nostalgic moments.

Photo credit: Aranxa Esteve, Ivana Cajina, Jon Tyson, Roberto Nickson, Sam Manns, Seth Doyle

If you've got a stack of these handy, you can tailor your selection to whomever you are surprising. Pick out your favorite candid moments, milestones, celebrations and build an original deck of memories you've shared. Then watch their face beam when they unwrap this present.

Framed Book/Magazine/Comic Covers

This is a perfect and affordable gift idea for the avid-readers in your life.

Find their treasured title in paperback and transform it into a work of art through custom framing. Carefully cut the cover from the rest of the pages, measure it out and start designing the frame to fit. With their nose always stuck between a novel, magazine, or comic book, they'll never see this coming!

Bonus: For fans of Broadway and musicals, frame their favorite iconic Playbill cover. Let us know which show you are looking for, we'll take care of the rest.

Image credit: Chicago Public Library, Indiereader, Pinterest

Framed Souvenirs & Memories

Souvenirs from travel and special occasions don't have to be traditional or expensive. What makes them valuable is their ability to transport us back to a specific place or moment. Try to find "souvenirs" that have this effect on your lucky recipient.

It could be framing a love letter to your significant other. The record playing during your first date or wedding dance. Or the next time you have a memorable meal with someone special, keep the menu. Gift it in a custom frame to remind them that they were, and currently are, in good company.

A little digging through old shoeboxes, closets and photo albums can also be a jackpot. Surprise friends and family with long lost photographs and use Photoscan to digitize them before turning them into premium framed prints with Level.

Image credit: Portland Food & Drink, Unsplash (Les Anderson)

All of the above can be custom framed exactly to your liking, without the hassle of crowded stores or "out of stock" signs. We hope that these gift suggestions make the holidays a little less stressful and a lot more fun!

Framed Vinyl Record "At Last" by Etta James


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