​5 Websites for Free Art, Images & Photos (to Print & Frame)

Hanging a newly framed piece of art on a bare wall is a great feeling, but sometimes finding something you like enough to frame can be a challenge. Unless you’re an artist or photographer, frame-worthy artwork is going to wreak havoc on your wallet, right? Enter this useful list we’ve put together of 5 online resources we love for free hi-resolution images of various themes for your printing & framing pleasure.

1. Unsplash

One cool thing about Unsplash is that it's a great platform for aspiring amateur or professional photographers to upload their own photos to share with the internet. A veritable treasure trove of free images, this one has something for pretty much everyone, from breathtaking landscapes to portraits to concert photos. Just enter your search term and lose yourself in pages upon pages of high quality photographs that are yours for the downloading.

If you like the statement pieces below, check out Unsplash's collection of travel photos. It's one of our favorites.

2. Free Vintage Posters

If you’ve ever dreamt of hanging a vintage advertisement demanding you 'Grow Your Own Vegetables!' on your wall, then we have just the site for you. If you love old movies or just the vintage aesthetic in general, you’ll want to spend some time browsing this collection. They have a little bit of everything, from circus posters to food and beverage ads, all circa the Good Old Days.

If you're a fan of Audrey Hepburn, this Funny Face movie poster would look great in a black or white frame. Looking for something a bit more obscure? There are plenty of old school advertisements, like this one for Geo. Winter Brewing Co.


This one might be a little out there, but let’s be honest: there’s at least a little space nerd in all of us. Indulge your inner astrophile with NASA’s stock of images of everything from moon landing to earth rising.

If you're more into stylized and colorful posters, NASA/JPL released a stunning set of space travel posters. Choose your favorite planet to print and frame so you can space out anytime.

4. NY Public Library

Though the days of being a card carrying library-goer might be in the past for some people, you definitely shouldn't count the NYPL out when hunting for images online, especially if you're looking to immortalize a little piece of New York history. This database has all sorts of different photographs, prints, and maps to choose from.

Old maps of different areas of NYC (like the one below), look right at home in our natural maple or natural walnut frames. And If you're looking for images that aren't New York related, we suggest checking out their collection of old photos from around the United States.

5. Google Patents

If you're interested in the ins-and-outs of some of history's most iconic patents, we recommend taking some time to pore over the results of a Google Patents search. Patent drawings are a unique way to add some technical flair to any wall, and they make great conversation pieces. If you're not in the mood to go hunting through the archives, we've curated something of a greatest hits list in our Iconic Patents collection.

Not only are these sites fun to browse, but they're the first step on the way to filling your walls with framed artwork that suit your style without breaking the bank. Once you've chosen your top picks, get them custom framed and printed with premium materials.


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