Beautiful New Prints by Susan Lin

"Susan is a watercolor painter, soon to be nomadic around the world. Her work is inspired by the cross between real and surreal."

We first partnered with Susan Lin for her Watercolor Trees series last year and have been enamored with her work ever since. Her delicate and colorful style fills her watercolor paintings with much effervescence and allure. She recently released over a dozen new prints that are equally as captivating as her past work. Here are a few of our favorites from these recent additions...

Totoro is one of Hayao Miyazaki's most iconic characters from Studio Ghibli's wildly-popular animated films. Susan is a huge Studio Ghibli fan and the inspiration for a lot of her designs stems from this interest. 'Naptime' is originally an oil painting that depicts Totoro, a magical creature of the forest, in a serene slumber. A customer ordered this print and custom framed it in our Walnut profile, which echoes the earthy tones of the trees and wilderness surrounding the peaceful Totoro.

5 x 5" print with 0.75" Natural Walnut profile and no matting

As continuation of her Watercolor Trees series, Susan added a few new designs from her inspiring 100 Days Project. Below is 'Cycles', 'Gilded' and 'Whispy' in the artist's preferred frame color. The soft tint of our Natural Maple profile works well with and perfectly highlights Susan's vibrant brushstrokes.

8 x 8" prints with 0.75" Natural Maple profile and 1" off-white matting

For spaces that look and feel a bit dull, 'Sublime' and 'Trip' are both perfect options to brighten up those dreary walls. These two prints radiate sunshine and burst with invigorating tones of green. Pairing the prints with our White Maple profile creates a very modern and sleek frame style that'll work well in any environment. Bring the views and tranquility of a refreshing morning hike indoors with the help of Susan Lin's breathtaking designs.

12 x 12" prints with 0.75" White Maple profile and 1" off-white matting

We are excited to announce that all of Susan Lin's designs are now available as prints in various sizes, both framed and unframed! Her designs look great alone, or frame a bunch to create a unique collection. These framed prints also make thoughtful gifts for any occasion.

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