Top Personalized Gifts for All Occasions

Creating, framing, and gifting one-of-a-kind custom portraits

If you're looking for a creative and thoughtful gift this season, custom artwork is the way to go. It's easier than ever to work with talented artists to create artwork that will be perfect for any occasion or person in mind.

We've rounded up a few of our favorite resources for creating all types of personalized works of art.

You can make them extra special for friends, relatives, and other loved ones by framing them online and delivering a one-of-a-kind memento that is sure to earn a prominent spot on their walls

Cartoon Portraits

Good gift for: holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine's day

Whatever cartoon or fandom your gift recipient is into, chances are there is an artist who is also a fan and can make custom illustrations in that style!

Shows like The Simpsons, Bob's Burgers, and Rick and Morty are popular sources of inspiration, or you may be interested in themes or styles inspired by Disney, Star Wars, or Studio Ghibli.

Custom Framed Simpson's and Bob's Burgers Family portraits

Simpsons-style portrait by Art Studio Team UA and Bob's Burgers-style portrait from Drawing Network

These portraits are highly customizable and allow you to include multiple characters so that all family, pets, and even plants are included. The variety of room settings also offers many opportunities for including objects or details with special meaning to you or the recipient.

Studio Ghibli Framed Custom Gift by MothInFishnets on Etsy
Studio Ghibli-style couple portrait by MothInFishnets on Etsy, in our Kota Pecan frame

Most artists will create your custom cartoon portraits digitally, so you don't have to wait for the art to arrive in the mail.

Once it's complete, you can upload the photo and design your custom frame in as few taps or clicks. Before ordering, just make sure the artist will provide you with a high-resolution file that will be suitable for printing in the sizes you want.

Pet Portraits

Good gift for: holidays, birthdays, memorial/loss

Do you know someone who is crazy about dogs? Cats? Axolotls? If they somehow don't already own one, then a pet portrait is the way to go.

There are so many options for pet portraits, you can be sure to find an artist whose style and customization options are the right fit.

Hand Painted Dog Portrait Gifts by Kate Somyk Art

Hand-painted watercolor pet portraits by Kate Somyk Art on Etsy

Artists can also include more personal details like the dog's name or their favorite toys as an added touch.

Custom Framed Dog Portrait Gifts Le Flore Studio

Dog portraits from LeFlore Studio on Etsy framed in a Kota Walnut custom collage frame

If your giftee has a lot of furry family members, you can upload up to 5 images in a collage frame to make sure no one is left out! Our collage picture frames make it easy to group multiple photos in the same frame with the layout of your choosing.

Home Portraits

Good gift for: holidays, housewarmings, weddings

Whether someone is a new homeowner or selling a home after retirement, purchasing a home is a significant occasion.

A home portrait of a new or past home can be a perfect housewarming gift for a friend, loved one, or client making this transition.

Houswarming Gifts Framed Watercolor House Portraits

Home portraits by Muddy Mango Designs in an Academie Silver custom collage frame and a hand-painted home portrait by The Gibby Gallery in our Kota Cherry frame

A home portrait can celebrate a new home or memorialize an old one. If the recipient is someone you know well, you can even show their journey with portraits of their past dwellings in one frame.

Special features like a favorite tree or a pet waiting by the door can be added by the artist, as well as text below indicating the address or family name.

Custom Maps

Good gift for: birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, Valentine's day

Personalized maps are a creative way to highlight significant places, dates, or shared memories.

Artists and designers can create maps to memorialize a first date, showcase special landmarks, or simply celebrate a specific place in the world that means a lot to you.

Hand Painted Wedding Map Gift

Illustrated watercolor map by For the Love Co.

These hand-painted maps from For the Love Co. prominently feature not only your chosen location but the landmarks there that mean the most to your loved one. It's a fun way to remember locations and venues from a wedding day or nostalgic places from your hometown.

The artist provides both the physical painting and a digital file, so you can print and frame it right away or make multiple prints for all the people in your family. Framing is a way to make sure the artwork looks its best and is protected properly so that it can be enjoyed for decades to come.

For the original watercolor, you can either send it to us for the framing or frame it on your own using our at-home framing kit.

Whatever you decide to create, give yourself a few weeks to allow for the artist to create the work and make any revisions as needed based on your feedback.

Once you have the image file or artwork in hand and have placed the order with us, we'll complete and ship your frame within a few days. If you'd like to send it directly to someone, we have gifting options at checkout that allow you to add gift wrapping and a personalized note at no extra charge.

Get a jump on your holiday gifting this season with a personalized, custom portrait for anyone or everyone on your list.

Custom Collage Frame Dog Portraits Le Flore Studio

Happy framing (and gifting)!