Five to Frame: Sebastian Curi

Limited edition risograph prints tailor made for framing

Welcome to another edition of our Five to Frame series, where we bring you exceptional artists and highlight five of their works tailor made for online custom framing and elevating your walls.

Sebastian Curi: A Symphony of Styles

This week, we are honored to feature Sebastian Curi, an artist known for his distinctive style and joyful compositions.

Sebastian's art is a captivating blend of bright, bold, and brilliant. His pieces are a playful exploration of the world around us, illustrated with a rich palette and imbued with a sense of fun. His background in animation and graphic design is reflected in every stroke.

Enjoy five of his works below, and see each of them across various frame styles in our gallery.

Unique Pop Style & Quirky Compositions

Every piece is a quirky composition, a snapshot of the artist's stylized universe where color and character come to life.

Framed Sebastian Curi Risograph Prings

(L to R) "Where All Ideas Belong", "I Clap For You" and "Rock, Paper, Scissors" by Sebastian Curi, custom framed in a black maple, 3/4" profile

His creations are more than just illustrations; they invite viewers to see the world through his imaginative lens and find meaning in simple but impactful gestures.

The Magic of Risograph Printing

Every piece by Sebastian is laden with vivid colors and distinctive textures, brought to life by his use of Risograph printing.

"I Clap For You" - Limited Edition risograph print by Sebastian Curi

This technique creates a uniquely textured print that comes out a little different each time, adding depth, detail and unexpected but delightful imperfections to the artwork.

The archival and conservation-grade materials we use in each frame we handcraft ensures that any artwork you frame with us is protected for the long-haul against fading and other damage. Select one of our UV-protective glazes anytime you are framing something special like these illustrations signed by the artist.

Elevate Your Space with these Limited-Edition Masterpieces

Sebastian’s limited-edition prints are available for you to purchase and custom frame.

So whether you’re an art connoisseur or simply appreciate beauty and originality, his work promises to be a radiant addition to any collection.

Connect and Learn More

To explore more of Sebastian’s uplifting and colorful creations, follow him on Instagram @sebacuri.

Happy art collecting and happy framing!