Framed Art in Time for Christmas

Order custom framed art prints as gifts or to brighten up your own walls

Our deadline for Christmas delivery is coming up soon. Only a handful of days left to order framed photos and collage frames in time to place under the tree.

In addition, we keep a stock of artwork for a few of our most popular artist partners and can frame and ship them out in time for gifting.

Below are five ideas for framed art that might just fit the bill for a special someone on your gift list!

1. Space and science-themed posters from 2046 Design

Custom framed space and science prints from 2046 Design

Open and limited edition framed prints inspired by space, each one designed to help show off and celebrate your inner scientist.

2. Storefront Illustrations by Bop Bop Art

Restaurant Storefront Illustrations by Bop Bop Art

Annie Schonberger, or Bop Bop Art, is an NYU graduate student who started creating illustrations of NYC storefronts to celebrate fond memories of restaurants and storefronts that she missed during the COVID lockdowns. Today, the collection has grown to feature over 100 restaurants, shops, food carts, subway stops, and beyond.

New places are being added to her Instagram regularly, so check it out to find your favorite NYC haunt.

3. Seasonal Posters by Young America Creative

Scientific Illustration Posters from Young America Creative

The Young America Creative (YAC) studio is a multidisciplinary design firm that strives to be mindful of their environment and create designs with an eye toward sustainability.

These values are reflected in their seasonal poster series which feature beautifully illustrated flora and fauna highlighted in gold foil to stand out against a variety of rich natural-toned papers.

4. Colorful Abstracts by Efdot

Abstract Illustration Prints Custom Framed by Efdot

A colorful blend of street art, graphic design, and skate culture, Efdot's illustrations take complex concepts and distill them down to something that is minimalist (and often fun!)

5. Travel Tracker map in the frame of your choice

Framed Travel Tracker map

Our Travel Tracker map is a retro, mid-century modern design printed on premium canvas that comes with push pins for celebrating past trips and plotting out future destinations.

Designed by Brad Woodard of Brave the Woods, this exclusive map is available in two sizes and makes a great addition to any family room or the perfect gift for any travel lovers in your life.

6. Imaginative pop culture scenes from Fred Birchal

Fred Birchal pop art framed prints

Illustrator Fred Birchal creates amazing varieties of pop-art featuring instantly recognizable musicians, film characters, buildings, machines, and more.

We love his distinctive style of drawing outfits without the body inside, leaving no doubt about the identity of their famous inhabitants.

7. Letterpress prints by Joey Roth

Joey Roth framed prints

A series of 6 limited edition posters that illustrate the creative process; the route one takes from being inspired to launching something into the world.

Perfect for anyone into design, creativity, or entrepreneurship.

8. World's Fair Co. Prints by Invisible Creature

Custom frame prints by Invisible Creature for the World's Fair

In a few years, the gates to the next World’s Fair will open. Invisible Creature designed 12 inspiring posters for the World’s Fair Co. to help generate excitement and awaken optimism for the future.

These visionary 12 posters are available as 18" x 24" giclée prints, custom framed in the style or your choice. Welcome to the future!

That's a wrap!

We may be biased but happen to think that framed art makes for a great present, and are here to help you gift well during the holidays or any other occasion.

Happy framing and happy gifting!