Framing Spotlight: Vintage NASA Poster

See this At-home custom framing project from start to finish

Finding a vintage, 30" x 40" NASA poster was a huge thrill for Luke, one of our customers.

He knew he wanted to display it in the work shed he was building, and that a conservation-grade custom frame was the only way to properly protect it.

Not wanting to overpay at a traditional custom frame shop or risk sending this fragile item through the mail, Luke turned online and to our At-home custom framing kit solution.

Choosing the right frame

The poster had been in a tube for ages, emerging tightly rolled up and slightly wrinkled.

Luke opted for our DIY framing kit he could use at home to mount the print, and after measuring, input its 30" x 40" dimensions into our custom framing editor.

Unsure about the best framing method, he contacted us for guidance from one of our designers. We are always standing by via chat, email or phone to help with any custom framing project you are working on.

The recommendation was to add an archival, 4-ply mat to the frame to draw a little more focus to the artwork, and to better protect the fragile paper.

A mat gives a little bit of space between the print and the glaze, reducing the chance of further wrinkling and giving the paper some additional room to breathe.

Luke needed no help in choosing a classic Gallery Black profile, which beautifully frames the ample white space around the image and sets off the darkness of space in the middle. For a poster this size, we did recommend a 1" or 1.25" wide frame for better structural support.

All of our custom framing materials are archival and acid-free, on par with the level of framing you would find in most museums and art galleries.

Selecting an acrylic glaze

We use acrylic (instead of traditional glass) because of its lighter weight, strength and clarity.

The acrylic - or "glaze" - is a key part of any picture frame, revealing clearly and just as importantly protecting the contents inside.

A key consideration for this particular artwork was protecting against UV rays that would fade the paper and inks over time.

Luke chose our UV-protective glaze option, which filters over 99% of UV rays to provide the highest level of protection against fading and discoloration.

Custom framing at home

Each DIY frame is handcrafted to fit your artwork, and comes with everything you need to safely mount it inside.

In the instructions we provide, one of the tips is to flatten out your artwork as much as possible before framing. Luke was able to safely sandwich the poster between two acid-free backing boards that came with the frame. After a day, it was all flattened out and ready for framing.

We even supply a tool that can be used for opening and closing the frame, and attaching the hanging hardware once the framing is complete.

Putting it all together

The entire project was complete in less than half an hour. The final step was finding the right place to hang his newly framed poster.

Here's are the final results including the frame making its way onto Luke's wall:

music: Joel Corelitz

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