How Much Does Framing a Picture Cost?

Framing a picture is a process that can vary significantly in cost based on various factors. The price is influenced by the size of the picture, the materials of the frame, the style, the complexity of the mounting, and the type of glaze used. For basic options and small to medium sizes, prices can range from $50 to $120, with more elaborate options like float mounting costing $100-$150. Custom picture framing means every frame is handcrafted to order using high-quality materials.

The price can also rise with additional customizations, such as adding a wide mat, or changing the width of your frame. On average, basic framing starts around $60-$200, and more complex and custom framing with larger sizes can be $200-$300.

Therefore, when considering framing a picture, it's crucial to evaluate the importance of the artwork, the desired aesthetic, and your budget available, as costs can span a wide range based on the options you choose. But we are confident that Level Frames has custom picture framing options for every budget and preference.

The diagram below shows the basic ranges for our pricing that allows you to frame a picture entirely from home. Either upload a photo from your camera roll, or choose the size of your existing picture and we'll ship you a frame to fit with easy instructions on how to install your artwork into the frame.