How to Take Care of Your Picture Frame

Tips for cleaning framed artwork and photos

If you've experienced the convenience of online custom framing, you know that designing a frame can take as little as five minutes.

Once you have it home and on the wall, it's important to clean your frame just like any piece of furniture so that your artwork or photo can be admired for years to come.

Below please find our top tips for taking care of your picture frame.

The Frame

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For wooden frames, use a soft, damp rag or microfiber cloth to gently clean the profile. You can spray a small amount of dust cleaner onto the cloth (never spray onto the frame directly).

Avoid using wood polish or chemical cleaning sprays which might damage the finish or affect the artwork.

Acrylic Glaze

Online Framing Acrylic Glaze Care

All Level frames come with acrylic plexiglass instead of traditional glass because it is light, will not shatter, and maintains a high level of clarity.

We offer a few different types of acrylic glaze you can choose from depending on your artwork and specific needs.

If the acrylic is showing dirt, dust or fingerprints, use a microfiber cloth to softly wipe it down. You can lightly dampen the cloth with a bit of isopropyl alcohol or ammonia-free glass cleaner.

Avoid using paper towels which can scratch the surface, and do NOT use any solution that contains ammonia!

Extra Tips

Dust your frames every so often to avoid the accumulation of dirt and other particles.

If you had used our At Home option and would like to disassemble your frame for an even more thorough cleaning, be sure to lay the various components onto a clean, dust-free surface. Make sure all components are completely dry before reassembly.

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