Picturesque Places

The most picture-perfect locations around the world

Whether you’re looking for the perfect wedding venue, planning the trip of a lifetime, or embarking on your last vacation before welcoming a new addition to the family, the beauty of the surroundings can heavily influence the choice of destination.

To really capture these special moments in life, it’s a great idea to take plenty of photographs in these locations and have them dotted about in stunning frames around your home.

But where in the world are the most picture-perfect, frame-worthy destinations?

We’ve analyzed social media and search data to determine the most picturesque places across the globe, and we'll also reveal some hidden gems that should be added to your travel bucket list.

Vacation Destinations

Bali is the most picturesque place to visit for a vacation, filled with beautiful locations for photos that will be perfect for framing.

1. Bali, Indonesia - 9.06/10 picturesque score

Bali tops the list with a score of 9.06/10. The Indonesian province has become increasingly popular in recent years, with over 5.2 million international tourists estimated to have visited in 20231. It's well-known for its intricate temples, lush greenery, and stunning beaches.

Plenty of people are looking into this location too, with 518,200 Google searches being made for “Bali holiday”. There are also 72.6 million posts and counting on Instagram and over 5.4 million on TikTok for the hashtag #bali.

2. Paris, France - 8.80/10 picturesque score

Paris comes in second place, earning an overall score of 8.80/10. Under the hashtag #paris, there are more than 143.3 million posts on Instagram and 9.2 million on TikTok, many with great photos worth of printing and framing. In addition, over 87,000 searches were made for the phrase “Paris holiday” within the last year.

3. Madrid, Spain - 8.21/10 picturesque score

The Spanish city of Madrid follows closely behind, with a total score of 8.21/10. In 2023, over 14 million tourists visited Madrid, an increase of 17.6% since before the COVID-19 pandemic3. Over 111,000 Google searches were made for “Madrid holiday” in the past year. There are also over 50.4 million posts on Instagram and 4.5 million on TikTok for the hashtag #madrid.

Hidden gems for your next vacation

Split is an ideal hidden gem location for those who prefer a warmer climate. The Croatian city is perfect for anyone who likes to explore a location on foot, as there are plenty of beautiful promenades, beaches, and coastal paths.

The popularity of winter city getaways is rising, but gorgeous views remain a priority when choosing the perfect location. Polish cities like Krakow and Gdansk are great options for those who can brave the colder weather. Both cities are adorned at Christmas time with twinkling lights, festive markets, and Christmas trees. This and the elegant buildings provide the perfect winter wonderland backdrop for your photos.

Proposal Destinations

Paris is the most picturesque place to propose, with a score of 9.66 out of 10.

1. Paris, France - 9.66/10 picturesque score

As expected, Paris, a.k.a the city of love, tops the list as the most picturesque location for a proposal. Over 28,000 Google searches were made for the phrase “Paris proposal” in the last year. Unsurprisingly, the city scores an impressive 9.66/10, as there are countless beautiful locations to choose from.

Of course, many people choose to make the big moment extra special by having the iconic Eiffel Tower in the background. Locations such as the Seine River and Avenue de Camoens are also great options for popping the question. For those who would prefer something more private, head to the rooftop of the Peninsula or Shangri-La Hotel.

2. Dubai, United Arab Emirates and London, United Kingdom - 9.43/10 picturesque score

Following closely behind are Dubai and London, earning total scores of 9.43/10. The biggest city in the United Arab Emirates provides the perfect dramatic backdrop for popping the question. To really capture the essence of the city, head to the riverwalk at the bottom of the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa.

The options for the perfect proposal location in London are endless. Iconic landmarks such as the Tower Bridge, Big Ben, and the Houses of Parliament are popular due to their stunning architecture. For those who prefer a more nature-focused proposal, places such as Kyoto Garden, Hyde Park, and Kew Gardens are great choices.

Choose a hidden gem for your proposal

The true hidden gem of proposal locations is the Canadian town of Banff. Set among the Rocky Mountains, Banff is the perfect place for any nature lover to propose. The town’s skyline is dominated by various mountain peaks, and there are plenty of expansive, crystal-clear lakes.

The Madeira region of Portugal is also a great place to get down on one knee. The main island is full of high cliffs, pebbly beaches, and lush greenery, making it the perfect backdrop for any proposal pictures. Funchal, the region’s capital, also has plenty of botanical gardens and a stunning harbor.

Bachelor Party Destinations

If you’re looking for the ultimate setting for bachelor party fun and photos, head for Las Vegas.

1. Las Vegas, United States and London, United Kingdom - 8.81/10 picturesque score

Perhaps the most iconic location for a bachelor party, Las Vegas, tops the list with a score of 8.81/10. Within the last year, 29,000 Google searches were made for the phrase “Las Vegas bachelor party”, and we see nearly 41.1 million posts on Instagram under the hashtag #lasvegas. There is a reason it's the setting for almost every movie with a bachelor party theme!

But right there in a tie for first place is London, with almost 7,500 Google searches for the phrase “London bachelor party” over the past year. There are also countless Instagrammable breweries in London, which are great locations to enjoy a bachelor party. For example, Signature Brew on Blackhorse Road features plenty of neon signs, huge brew kettles, and a rooftop terrace.

3. Miami, United States - 8.57/10 picturesque score

Miami follows closely behind, earning an overall score of 8.57/10. Over 10,300 Google searches were made for the term “Miami bachelor party” within the last year. There are also over six million posts on TikTok under the hashtag #miami.

The city is well-known for its stunning views. This location is a great viewpoint for Biscayne Bay and the Port of Miami bridge — it also provides the opportunity to take amazing sunrise and sunset pictures.

Hidden gems for your bachelor party

As well as being a great place to visit for a city break vacation, Krakow is also a hidden gem for bachelor parties. Although it’s considered at its best during the winter and festive periods, the city can be enjoyed all year round. Plenty of intricate buildings make the perfect backdrop for frameable moments and your photos at sunrise or sunset, including St Mary’s Basilica, the Cloth Hall, and Old Market Square.

And if you want a quirky and colorful backdrop for your bachelor party pictures, Palm Springs is the place for you. The city is well-known for its stylish hotels, stunning mountain views, and mid century-modern architecture. Some of the most picture-perfect spots include The Sands Hotel & Spa, The Saguaro Hotel, and Salvation Mountain.

Bachelorette Party Destinations

London is the most picturesque place to host a bachelorette party.

1. London, United Kingdom - 9.29/10 picturesque score

London tops the list with a score of 9.29/10, showing its popularity for both bachelor and bachelorette parties. Over 26,000 Google searches were made for the phrase “London bachelorette party” over the past year. One of the most fun places in the city to get those unique Instagram pictures is Ballie Ballerson — a quirky cocktail bar with two giant UV ball pits.

You can also jump onboard the two-story Silent Disco Boat Party for a night of drinking and dancing. While enjoying the night, you’ll also be able to take in some incredible views of London while you sail along the River Thames and snap some perfect pictures.

2. New York, United States - 8.34/10 picturesque score

In second place is New York, a.k.a the city that never sleeps, earning a total score of 8.34/10. Over the past year, 19,400 searches were made on Google for the term “New York bachelorette party”. In addition, there are over 130.6 million posts on Instagram and over 7.4 million on TikTok under the hashtag #newyork.

For those who want to be inspired by nature, take a stroll round the beautiful and expansive Central Park. For a true bucket-list photo opportunity, be sure to visit Times Square, particularly at night when the neon signs and digital billboards light up the entire district.

3. Miami, United States - 8.09/10 picturesque score

Also proving to be popular for both bachelor and bachelorette parties is Miami, here with an overall score of 8.09/10. There are over 90.7 million posts on Instagram under the hashtag #miami. In addition, there were 24,200 Google searches made for the phrase “Miami bachelorette party” within the last year.

Along with its stunning views, Miami is well-known for its colorful beauty. For pictures full of bright and beautiful colors, head to Calle Ocho, which is the Cuban district in Little Havana. Fashion lovers can also stop to take a picture outside the iconic Casa Casuarina on Ocean Drive, which is the former home of the late fashion designer Gianni Versace.

What are some hidden gem destinations for your bachelorette?

Any bachelorette party that wants to enjoy a warm and sunny climate should plan to party in Cabo San Lucas. The city, which is located in Mexico, is well-known for dazzling blue waters, stunning sandy beaches, and restaurants with a view. The resort has plenty of great photo locations, including the Arch at Land’s End, Flora Farms, and Chileno Bay.

If your bachelorette party is full of wine lovers, be sure to head to Napa Valley. The county is famous for its countless hillside vineyards, including the likes of Castello di Amorosa, Pine Ridge Vineyards, and V. Saudi Winery. There’s also the Napa Valley Wine Train — a vintage locomotive transformed into a party bus running through four to five premier wineries.

Wedding Destinations

Dubai is the most picturesque place to tie the knot.

1. Dubai, United Arab Emirates - 9.15/10 picturesque score

As well as being perfect for proposals, Dubai is also a great location for a wedding, this time scoring 9.15/10. Over the past year, there were more than 31,000 Google searches made for the phrase “Dubai wedding”. Those who want a truly luxurious wedding should consider the Four Seasons Resort, located on Jumeirah Beach. The hotel boasts the Dana ballroom, which opens onto a grand beachfront terrace and lush gardens.

And those seeking a more unique wedding day should consider Meliá Desert Palm or Al Habtoor Polo Resort. Both venues offer a more intimate and nature-focused experience away from the hustle and bustle of the city center, inspired by secluded gardens and Andalusian-themed decor.

2. Paris, France - 9.14/10 picturesque score

Paris follows closely behind with a total score of 9.14/10 and is also proving its popularity with both proposals and weddings. There were 30,000 searches made for the term “Paris wedding” within the last year. Those who want a classic Parisian feel to their wedding should consider Le Bristol Paris. The hotel is home to stunning gardens and a rooftop pool, providing amazing views of the city.

3. Bali, Indonesia - 9.06/10 picturesque score

In third place is Bali, earning an overall score of 9.06/10. Over the past year, there were over 94,000 Google searches made for the phrase “Bali wedding”. Bali is the perfect wedding destination for nature lovers. For example, the Surga Villa Estate offers direct beach access and breathtaking panoramic views of the ocean for you to enjoy throughout the day.

Stunning hidden gems for your wedding

Paphos, located in Cyprus, is a true hidden gem wedding destination. The city is on the southwest coast of the country, meaning that many wedding venues provide the happy couple and their guests with breathtaking views. For example, Coral Beach Hotel & Resort has a pier nestled between its private beach and the Coral Beach harbor, enabling weddings to take place surrounded by beautiful crystal-clear waters.

And for a truly unique and less popular wedding location, consider Marrakesh. The city, located in Morocco, is home to many stunning mosques, palaces, and gardens. Previously voted the world’s finest hotel, La Mamounia is a great option for a potential wedding venue. The hotel is set in gorgeous royal gardens, which are ideal for those who want an outdoor wedding reception.

Babymoon Destinations

New York is the most picturesque place for soon-to-be parents to visit.

1. New York, United States - 9.29/10 picturesque score

Topping this list with a score of 9.29/10 is New York. There were 4,000 searches made for the term “New York babymoon” within the last year. The city has so much to offer, including plenty of options for those who are pregnant. The hop-on, hop-off buses are a great way to explore the city without your feet getting too sore. Some of the sights include Bryant Park, Chinatown, Wall Street, Carnegie Hall, and The Met.

Another great option for expecting parents is a sightseeing cruise. This activity allows you to have unobstructed views of the New York skyline while avoiding the crowds. There are plenty of options depending on your budget, with some cruises offering premium experiences.

2. Miami, United States - 9.05/10 picturesque score

In second place, proving that it’s a great city for both partying and relaxing, is Miami, earning a total score of 9.05/10. Over the past year, there were almost 4,400 Google searches for the phrase “Miami babymoon”. The city really does offer the best of both worlds and is a great location for a babymoon. South Beach is one of the most famous beaches in the world and consistently stuns people with its beautiful blue waters.

3. Paris, France - 8.33/10 picturesque score

As it’s the city of love, Paris is also a great destination to spend some quality time with your partner before welcoming a new addition. There were almost 2,300 searches made for the term “Paris babymoon” within the last year, meaning that the city earns an overall score of 8.33/10. Like New York, Paris also offers many sightseeing cruises and hop-on, hop-off buses, allowing you to take in all the brilliant sights.

Babymoon hidden gems

The U.S. has plenty of hidden gems when it comes to babymoons. Once again, Santa Fe is a fantastic option as you aren’t required to be on the go and on your feet all the time, but you can still enjoy some beautiful sights. A great place to visit for expectant parents is the Ten Thousand Waves Spa, which is inspired by the great Japanese mountain hot spring resorts and only minutes from the National Forest.

Scottsdale, Arizona is also a great location for a babymoon. If you’re a nature-loving couple who still fancy a hike but need something within a safe distance, this is the place for you. The McDowell Sonoran Conservancy has plenty of suitable options, including the 1.1-mile Saguaro Loop and Nature Trail and the 0.5-mile Bajada Nature Trail. Both trails allow you to take in all of the stunning scenery of the Sonoran Desert.

Final Thoughts and Comments

We all love to celebrate milestones in our lives and what better way to do so than being surrounded by stunning scenery? It’s become increasingly popular to jet off to another city or country to celebrate important events, such as proposing to your partner or welcoming a new addition to the family. Visiting picturesque places can make these occasions even more special and memorable.

Framing photographs from your trips can help you capture and continue to enjoy the most important moments in your life. Over time, if you’re lucky enough to experience multiple milestones and capture lots of heartwarming shots in any of these destinations, creating a gallery wall of framed photos is a great way to keep those memories alive and bring more joy into your home.

We checked in with travel expert Cody Candee, CEO and Founder of Bounce, to get his perspective on the matter:

“Picturesque places offer more than just stunning views; they create the ideal backdrop for some of life’s most important moments. Whether it’s the sacred temples in Bali, Madrid’s iconic museums, or the charming streets of Paris, these settings add a magical touch to any special occasion.

“Traveling to such scenic destinations transforms celebrations into extraordinary memories, with them being as unique and memorable as the locations themselves. Moreover, picturesque places often offer a rich tapestry of culture, history and local charm, which enhance your travel experience and provide endless opportunities to create even more lasting memories.

“Bali, Paris, and Dubai consistently rank among the top destinations due to their diverse appeal, offering everything from natural beauty and rich cultures to adventure trips and luxury experiences. This makes these destinations popular choices for a wide range of travelers looking to celebrate a special occasion.”

Our Methodology

To begin, we created separate seed lists for a variety of different occasions/events: holidays, proposals, bachelor and bachelorette parties, weddings, and babymoons.

For holidays, we used Jet2 Holidays and The Times.

For proposals, we used sources such as Kayak, Hitched, and Remitly.

For bachelor parties, we used and StagSpot by StagMadness.

For bachelorette parties, we used The Knot and Glamour.

For weddings, we used sources such as Harpers Bazaar, CN Traveller, andLeah Marie Photography.

For babymoons, we used sources such as Red Online, Travel and Leisure, and

We then used Google Keyword Planner to gather the number of searches for each location followed by the event (e.g. “london bachelorette party”) between May 2023 and April 2024. Any locations with fewer than 500 Google searches were removed from the seed list.

Next, we used each location’s hashtag (e.g. #bali) to discover the number of posts on both Instagram and TikTok.

Finally, we gave each location a normalized score out of ten for each factor and then took an average across all factors to form our picturesque score.