The Beauty of Pixels Extends Beyond Our Monitors and Onto Our Walls

In this digital age we live in, we are bombarded by so many pixels that sometimes we hardly even notice their presence. With the influx of video games over the last few decades, pixels are no longer just the seemingly infinite number of dots on our monitors but are now considered an art form.

Wolverine, Stegasaurus, and Vader with Snowman by Alex Griendling.

Pixel art is a type digital art where artists meticulously choose the location of each and every pixel to create scenes and images. They're reminiscent of 8-bit, 16-bit, or old-school graphics that were popular in early computer and video games. However, with 3D and state of the art graphics, we've moved past the days when we could differentiate the individual pixels. Fueled in part by nostalgia, including childhood memories of maneuvering a mosaic-like Mario adeptly from castle to castle, pixel art of has been somewhat revitalized and is seeing a come back.

Amanda Glosson and Alex Griendling are two brilliant artists who share an affinity for this type of art and collaborated with Level Frames to bring you Collections of their amazing prints. They exemplify the beauty of pixels extending beyond what we are used to seeing on screens and into the realm of awesome wall art. We are help them deliver their work inside the custom frame of your choosing.

Planets by Amanda Glosson

For Alex, art is an homage to the video games of his youth. He enjoys making pixel art because it introduces "a deliberateness and a tedium that helps to slow [him] down and consider the placement of each element." Amanda calls herself a "Professional Pixel Pusher".

Droids, Cardinal, and Zombie Couple by Amanda Glosson.

Amanda's Collection features an eclectic mix of subject matter ranging from a slice of pizza to a lemon, from a dancing zombie couple to the planets in our solar system. And Alex's Collection is filled with pop culture references to his favorite comic book and video game characters.

You can purchase any of Amanda Glosson and Alex Griendling's prints framed or unframed. Each piece is giclee printed on archival matte paper, and framed using all wood profiles and museum-quality, archival materials. You don't have to be a part of the older generations to appreciate cool retro art like this!


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