Framing Family Photos

How to preserve memories and celebrate your best moments

Your home is more than just a place to eat and sleep; it's a sanctuary filled with your best moments, milestones and memories.

For those of you who serve as your family's "memory keeper," adding beautifully framed family photos to your walls is not just about preservation, but also about storytelling.

This blog post is dedicated to you, the guardians of your family's history!

We'll guide you through fun and creative ways to decorate your home with these memories, transforming your space into a grand narrative for your family.

Gallery wall of family photos

The Importance of Quality & Craftsmanship

When you decide to frame something, you are making a statement about the importance it holds. Framing family photos is a beautiful way to create a sense of belonging, nurturing connections with past and future generations.

When you upload a photo with us, our first priority is making sure the final print looks its absolute best. Once your order is placed, we use software to optimize for a super high-quality print. At this stage, we can see onscreen the exact print quality of each photo, and once the photo is printed on our color-calibrated printers, it must pass a second eye test as part of our quality control.

On the framing side, we only use conservation grade materials when framing to protect your cherished memories and enhance their visual appeal.

Frame a photo with museum quality materials

After all, you want to ensure that your special photos remain in pristine condition, serving as a lasting testament to your family's journey.

Ready-made and mass-produced fames just cannot protect against environmental factors such as light, dust, and humidity, which can degrade and damage photos over time.

Elevate Each Photo Into Framed Art

A well-chosen frame can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your photo, turning a simple picture into a focal point of your home decor.

With our online framing experience, you have the ability customize each frame across a range of frame styles to match the picture and your home's decor, adding a personal touch that off-the-shelf frames simply can't match.

Our Golden Ratio button will set an ideal profile width and mat size for your image dimensions, and in our Advanced Options section you will find further customizations like float mounting and bottom-weighted mats.

When in doubt, you can reach out to our designers who can offer guidance on selecting frame size, color and style.

Creative Framing Ideas for Your Family's Photos

As we dive into the art of memory preservation, it's time to explore the realm of possibilities that lie in framing and displaying family photos. In the next section, we present different ways to elevate these cherished memories.

These ideas are tailored to inspire you to showcase your family's unique narrative, transforming everyday spaces into a personal gallery of precious moments.

Timelines That Tell the Story

Create a visual timeline of your family's milestones by framing photos from annual events, such as birthdays, first days of school, or holiday gatherings.

Our collage picture frames represent an amazing opportunity to do just that, allowing you to create a collage using up 30 photos in a wide variety of layouts and designs.

Collage photo frame designs

This not only decorates your home but also chronicles your family's growth and celebrations over the years.

Go Beyond Traditional Wall Displays

Explore the possibilities of placing framed photos on furniture pieces like mantels, pianos, or occasional tables.

Grouping family photos on a small shelf, surrounded by decorative items like candles or vases, adds a personal touch.

Frame your photos on line to match any decor

Image Credit: @lifewith.thehansens on Instagram

For a harmonious yet dynamic look, consider mixing frame styles that complement each other.

Gallery Wall Wonder

Bask in your favorite moments and memories with our collection of gallery wall designs you can create in minutes.

We make it easy to choose a layout based on the wall size, upload your photos, and customize the frame styles. Everything is delivered right to your door, ready to hang.

Gallery wall of framed family photos - Level Frames

One of the nice features of creating a gallery wall is that you can easily add to it over time with new framed photos nestled into the overall shape. Build the ultimate gallery wall of your family's favorite people, places, moments and memories!

Connecting Past and Present

We love to see the mixing of black and white photographs of older generations with similarly filtered images of younger family members. This creates a timeless genealogical display, connecting past and present.

We can print these images in high quality, ensuring the vivid storytelling of your family's legacy.

The Easy Trio gallery wall layout from Level Frames
Create Decorative Themes

You can try assembling clusters of framed pictures to create a focal point in a room. This method allows for creative freedom—match frames for a unified look or mix them for visual contrast. You can also add in framed artwork that helps express your tastes and style as a family.

online custom framing of family photos and art

These clusters can tell a more nuanced story of your family's adventures, personalities, and milestones.

Decorating with framed family photos is an art form that goes beyond mere aesthetics. It's about celebrating your family's story, preserving memories, and creating a home that reflects your journey.

Let your home tell your family's story. Explore our curated collection of framing options and start transforming your cherished memories into decorative masterpieces today.

Let's create a space where every picture tells a story, and every room holds a memory.

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Happy framing!