Photo Apps We Love: Prisma

Some photos benefit from a little editing to get them just right for printing and custom framing with Level. There are basic fixes like cropping, brightening, removing red eye, and countless apps for making such incremental improvements.

And then there are tools that will completely transform your photos into something new, artistic and entirely different.

Meet Prisma

The latest photo editing phenomenon is called Prisma.

It's an iPhone (and now Android) app that is taking off across the world, and for good reason. Prisma has developed deep learning algorithms that take your photos and turn them into a variety of stylized artworks; choose a family photo or a shot of your pet and see it totally reimagined in the style of Van Gogh, pop artist Roy Lichtenstein, street art, a stained glass window and many more. What's truly amazing is the speed at which the app processes your photos.

Here are some examples of what Prisma can do -- first the original photo, and then a handful of Prisma creations alongside the filter used:

Ray Lamontagne with My Morning Jacket at Prospect Park on June 23rd

Printing and Custom Framing

Since the app began blowing up, we've fielded numerous inquiries about printing Prisma photos, and have already printed and framed quite a few of them for customers.

Once you've run a photo through a Prisma filter, you can save it directly to your camera roll. If you want to save it without the Prisma watermark shown in the photos here, you can first turn them off in the app's settings.

Then simply upload the photo for us to print and frame from your phone or laptop -- you can create a single framed photo, or make a collage frame with as many as six of them.

The resolution on these images when saved to your phone is 1080 x 1080 -- not terribly high but enough resolution to print very nicely up to 12" x 12".

We'll print the image using archival inks and paper, and handcraft a museum-quality custom frame to fit. The complete picture frame arrives on your doorstep ready-to-hang within 5 to 10 business days.

Download the App

To see what all of the fuss is about, Download Prisma today for iPhone or Android. And if you are not convinced and need to see more awesome examples of what this app can do, check out Prisma on Instagram.

Have fun creating works of art from your photos, we look forward to printing and framing them for you!


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