The Gift of Custom Framing

A beautifully framed print or photo brings new life to any space, but it can be tricky picking something out for others. Now you can give the gift of custom framing with an E-gift card from Level Frames, and let your recipient decide what they need or like best.

Simply select the amount and the date on which you'd like them to receive it, and we’ll send a delightful email with all of the details. It's a great gift that you can deliver right on time, even after our holiday order deadlines have passed.

Gift cards can be used on any online custom framing projects or framed artwork from Level Frames.

Custom Framing Gift Cards

FAQ for E-gift Cards from Level

How does the e-gift card work and what can you buy with it?

It's a digital version of a regular gift card and works exactly the same, only there is no physical component. Your recipient receives an email on the date of your choosing, and will click on a link inside to use the balance towards anything on our site - to frame a photo, artwork or vinyl record, and of course for online custom framing of art prints and posters.

You can purchase E-gift cards here.

What amounts can be purchased?

Select from $50, $75, $100, $150, $200 and $250, or set an entirely custom amount.

How and when is the gift card delivered?

When purchasing an e-gift card, you can select the delivery date. If you select today’s date, an email will be sent to the recipient immediately with the news of your incredible thoughtfulness and all necessary details for using the card.

If a date in the future has been chosen, the email will be sent in the morning on the date selected.

An example of the email that your recipient will receive is at the bottom of the FAQ.

How do I use an e-gift card or check my card balance?

If you are the recipient of a gift card, you'll receive an email from Level Frames that contains the sender's name and a special link that brings you to our site where your card will be activated. When items have been added to your cart, your gift card balance will show up and be applied at checkout.

You can also contact for a balance update.

What happens if the full amount on a gift card is not used during the first purchase?

The remaining balance will stay on the card and can be used toward any future framed photo or custom framing project. Just follow the same link in the original email to access the balance, or contact us at if you’ve lost track.

Can an e-gift card be returned?

E-gift cards are non-refundable.

If any refund is due for a purchase made with a gift card, the funds will be credited back to the same gift card.

Do e-gift cards expire?

Nope. They are good forever!

Are there any bulk or corporate specials on e-gift cards?

Yes. If you’d like to purchase e-gift cards in quantities greater than 10, get in touch with us a and we will set you up.

Your recipient will receive this email and be custom framing in no time.

What Can I Frame With a Gift Card?

We're making it more convenient, intuitive and affordable to custom frame everything you love.

Whether it's the poster from your first concert, an epic vacation pic, your wedding photos, the menu from your anniversary dinner, your favorite record album or anything else that's special, we'll help you choose the right frame and get everything up on the wall.

Happy framing!