What We Framed In August

A roundup of some of the best online custom framing projects completed this summer

From original artwork to limited edition posters, a favorite photo to a thoughtful gift, the goal of every custom framing project is the same: Satisfaction, pride, and joy over the final work of art hanging on the wall.

It's officially Fall which means it's time to round up the final few online custom framing projects of the summer that really wowed us.

Read on to see some of our favorites from the month of August.

A limited-edition KAWS vinyl

Image Credit: @kaymaycreates

Kay is a Portland-based artist and collector with a great eye for design. She had this special edition album "The Scotts" by Travis Scott and Kid Cudi in her collection and decided to display it using our DIY vinyl frame kit.

The album artwork was designed by contemporary artist KAWS and released on vinyl in several frame-worthy colorways.

If you have a collectible vinyl of your own, you can protect and display it in our DIY vinyl frame. We can also track down and frame just about any album you're looking for.

A home office setup

Image Credit: @shaneculgan on Instagram

Our Natural Maple frames were some of the finishing touches for Shane's home office setup.

He framed his prints using our at-home framing kits and created this awesome gallery wall. A view like his is hard to compete with, but we think he did a great job placing the frames to create visual interest around his workspace!

If you're looking to decorate your office, framed prints and photos are a good place to start. You can frame a print you already own or print and frame your own photos.

And if you have nothing to frame at the moment and need some inspiration, we have a number of recommendations for free downloadable artwork.

A cozy illustration

Image Credit: @allthingsonatural on Instagram | Artwork by Loré Pemberton

Dominique of All things O'natural custom framed this idyllic print by Loré Pemberton in Academie Gold using our at-home framing kit.

She chose a 3.5" mat which is a great way to "scale up" a small piece and bring attention to the image, and added Non-glare UV glaze to protect it from fading.

When framing original art or a treasured print, it's important to choose materials that will protect it in the long run. All of our mat and backing options are acid-free and we give you the option to choose from three different acrylic glaze options that have 99% UV protection.

A Montreal-inspired gallery wall

Image Credit: Gianfranco S.

Gianfranco's gallery wall features black and white photography from all over Montreal. Mixing single photos and collage frames allowed him to create a dynamic layout and maximize the number of images in the design.

A nice element you can add to your own gallery wall along with framed photos is mixing in a few of our custom collage frames as Gianfranco did.

And speaking of galleries, we've curated our favorite layouts and made it super easy to customize framed photo walls of any size and shape.

More NFTs!

Frame NFT Long Neckies

Image Credit: @bitpixi on Twitter

It started around June and it's been building ever since: A steady stream of customers looking f0r an NFT frame to display their collections.

This "Long Neckie" from @NylaCollection framed up beautifully inside the Acadamie Black 3/4" profile as a 12" x 17" print on our archival matte paper.

Feeling inspired to custom frame artwork for your own home or frame your favorite picture so that you can enjoy it on the wall every day?

We're standing by to help with any and all of your online framing needs, and can't wait to see the final results.

Happy framing!