What We Framed In December

Ending 2021 with some of our favorite framing projects of the holiday season

From original artwork to limited edition posters, a favorite photo to a thoughtful gift, the goal of every custom framing project is the same: Satisfaction, pride, and joy over the final work of art hanging on the wall.

The month of December is always busy with holiday gifting as well as personal projects. Now that the month has finally come to a close, it's time to round up some of our top online custom framing projects of the season.

Read on to see a few of our favorites from the month of December.

A Cleon Peterson Framed Print

Cleon Peterson Print Custom Framed

Image Credit: @shimmevegan on Instagram | Artwork: So It Goes (Black) by Cleon Peterson

Shimme used our at-home framing option to display this limited edition screen print by Cleon Peterson.

The piece is 36 x 36” and like most of Peterson’s prints, has a nice deckled edge collectors like to display by floating the print instead of mounting it behind a mat window.

For this design, an elevated float with a 2.5” margin was chosen along with UV non-glare glaze and our Black Maple frame in the 1.5” width. All of our matting options are acid-free and we offer three types of UV filtering glaze to protect your print for the long haul.

If you need help with your design, we have guides to help you decide which glaze is right for your artwork as well as a breakdown of the different float mounting styles.

Women of X-Men Collage Frame

Comic Illustration Custom Framed Collage

Image Credit: @sully_and_wazowski on Instagram | Artwork: Mike Maihack

Chris framed these amazing X-Men illustrations by Mike Maihack using our collage frame designer, which you can use to print and frame up to five images inside a single picture frame.

This is a great way to display multiple pieces from the same collection together and can be ideal for small spaces or for gifting, as opposed to requiring multiple frames. These illustrations are 6" x 8" with 1.5" of matting around each one, but our frames are completely customizable to fit your artwork all the way up to 20".

Collage frames are currently offered for printed photos only through our website, but we're more than happy to provide them to you empty and ready for at-home framing by special request. Simply click the blue chat button to let us know about your project and one of our team members will help you place your framed photo order and ensure the framing goes smoothly!

Exhibition Gallery Wall

Gallery Photography Custom Framed

Photo Credit: Keith Rossein on Instagram

Keith Rossein is a photographer who captures varied subjects such as landscapes, Americana, botanical settings.

This December we helped him frame pieces for an exhibition at the Islip Arts Council Gallery, a non-profit dedicated to art enrichment in Long Island.

We're here to help if you're an artist or photographer with an upcoming exhibition or show, or are simply interested in framing your own work and looking for an online framing service to work with.

Framed Photo Gifts

Model Photo Delilah Belle Hamlin Custom Framed
Photo Credit: @laurarugetti and @bychrismartin on Instagram

We love framing for businesses and helping organizations with gifting year-round.

This cool shot was gifted to celebrity hairstylist Laura Rugetti by UNITE Hair, which gifts their stylist partners custom-framed photos of their show-stopping work.

Whether you have a standardized format you want to follow, would like to see our most popular framed photo styles or you want to give unique and custom gifts, our team is here to help streamline the process. Gift wrapping and personal messages are free to add to all orders and we deliver right to your recipients' door.

AI Crossover Framed Art

"AI" by NYC artist Gian Galang

Gian Galang is a NYC-based artist with an incredible knack for laying down ink that captures the dynamism of a whole range of sports and martial arts figures.

Allen Iverson, or "The Answer", is an 11-time NBA All Star who won the league's MVP back in 2001. He is known for his killer crossover dribble, illustrated beautifully here by Galang.

A classic, gallery style profile was a great choice here for frame style, and the 2" off matting give the art some room to breathe and draw in the viewer's eye.

Notably, this print had a small white border around the image. In situations like this, you can choose to have the matting overlap and cover that white border, so that only the artwork shows inside the mat window. Or you can have the mat overlap the print edges to hold it in place, but leave an even amount of white space showing around the artwork (as was done here). This creates an added border and visual layer for the eye, making the piece even more interesting.

Thanks to everyone who shopped with us this holiday season!

We're looking forward to seeing the amazing frames our customers dream up in the new year and are standing by to help with any and all online framing needs.

Happy framing!