4 Ways to Frame a Picture

Your best photos turned into framed works of art in just days

Surrounding yourself with photos of your favorite moments and people is one of the easiest ways to spruce up your home.

We've got multiple ways to frame a picture stored on your phone or camera, and can deliver it to your door ready-to-hang within a week.

Whether it's an image from your wedding, an unforgettable trip, a family portrait session or any other subject that brings you joy, we've got you covered.

Create a Gallery Style Framed Photo

frame a picture online custom framing with level frames

Image credit: @timothymollen

First, find the most epic or inspiring image in your collection. Or, select something that melts your heart and brings a smile to your face.

We provide an easy way to upload your photo, with options to select a picture from your device, Instagram, Facebook or Dropbox account. Depending on the resolution or the file, we can print and frame all the way up to 40".

The fun part is customizing the frame and mat style.

Frame a Picture - Level Frames online custom framing

Choose from a selection of profiles ranging from classic to rustic, and add matting to create the dramatic effect you are looking for.

Once you've finalized your frame style and checked out, your framed picture comes together in our studio at the hands or our expert team of craftspeople.

Combine Your Photos Into a Collage Picture Frame

Collage picture frames online

If you're having a hard time deciding which photo to go with or want to tell a story using multiple pictures, create a collage frame with up to five images.

Collage picture frames trio - Online custom framing with Level Frames

Once you've uploaded your photos, you can click and drag them around to change the order, and choose the exact frame and matting style that works best with your pictures.

As is the case with any of our framed photos, we are meticulous about making sure your photos turn out perfectly.

Get Off the Wall With a Tabletop

Our tabletop picture frames were designed with just the right balance, and we've curated a range of profiles to bring out the best in any photo.

Tabletop picture frames by Level Frames

These super giftable frames stand on any flat surface and can also hang on the wall.

At $49 for the first frame and just $39 each after that, it's a great way to get started on an epic gallery wall and another way in which online custom framing makes it easier to celebrate the things you love.

Frame a Picture You've Already Printed

Custom frame a picture with Level FramesWe specialize in printing your digital photos, and even provide this service for artists and photographers selling framed versions of their work.

But if you have your own photos already printed, or a shoebox full of prints that go back years, we can frame those as well!

Simply enter the dimensions of the photo and customize a picture frame to fit.

Measure your art and photo for online framing

We can send you the empty frame with everything you need to frame your picture at home, or you can send it in to our framing studio.

With either option, you get the same, museum-quality materials you would find in any high end frame shop, at a fraction of the price and a lot faster turnaround.

online custom framing with archival materials

So whether its for your top digital image or a print you have been waiting to get on the wall, we're going to hand-craft a beautiful custom frame using all-wood profiles, museum-quality matting and crystal clear acrylic.

It's a great way to celebrate the things that make you happy every day.

And once you've mastered these framing techniques above, you can try your hand at pulling together multiple frames as seen in our most popular gallery wall layouts.

Gallery wall of framed photos and artwork

Happy framing!