Inspiration for Your Next Gallery Wall

Our three most popular designs, and how to achieve each one

A group of dolphins is a pod. Multiple cheetahs form a coalition. And a bunch of framed artwork and photos arranged together? We call that a gallery wall!

We're making it easier to frame all of your favorite things and enjoy them on your walls solo, in pairings and - when the space calls for it - as an epic gallery wall you can build or refresh over time.

Get started on your next framing project today, or continue reading to see our most popular gallery wall styles that you can use for inspiration.

The Grid

Gallery wall for framed family photos

Image credit: @rosiemaxhimer

Frame up your photos in the same size and space them out in an even grid with a few inches of space in between. It's great for a cohesive theme such as a specific trip or a family portrait session.

Gallery wall for framed travel vacation photos

Image credit: @andycuba

Our Classic and Gallery Square framed photos are designed to make achieving this layout a snap. We take care of the measurements and making each frame the same size, you take care of uploading your favorite photos.

To make it even easier, we have a few different grid layouts in our selection of gallery wall designs that have been set up for you to remove all of the guesswork.

The Lineup

If you have more horizontal space then vertical, such as the wall above your couch, consider grouping 3 to 5 frames in a row.

A good rule of thumb is to leave at least 12" of space below the frames, and to space them out evenly across the width of the couch or table they will hang above.

For more on the actual mechanics of hanging safely and accurately, check out our tips and tricks for hanging a single frame or an entire gallery wall.

The Organic

Gallery wall framed artwork and photos over console table

Image credit: @lmsdesigns

Getting away from a perfectly symmetrical design can bring a lively, organic feel to your walls.

Look to maintain even spacing between all of the frames, but don't hesitate to mix in a variety of frame styles and sizes. Some of our favorite gallery walls combine framed artwork with framed photos and other mementos like framed comic books, vinyl records, maps and more.

Before you finalize and hammer the first hook in the wall, you can place the frames down on the floor to experiment with different layouts. Treat your frames like lego pieces that can be moved around to come up with a design you love.

What will go on your gallery wall?

Perhaps the most important thing we should mention is selecting artwork and photos that hold special meaning.

We'll help you custom frame these items to look their best and last for decades to come, so that your gallery wall showcases your and your family's best memories and moments.

Framed gallery wall for family room artwork and photos

If you have any questions or need advice creating the gallery wall of your dreams, we are standing by to help.

Happy framing!

Framing 10 or more items? Ask us about volume discounts.