10 Accent Wall Ideas For Your Home

And how to incorporate framed art and photos to enhance the look

Accent walls are a fantastic way to add depth, texture, and personality to any room in your home. They serve as focal points that can dramatically change the feel of a space.

Whether you're a seasoned interior designer or a budding home decor enthusiast, accent walls offer endless possibilities to showcase your style.

In this post, we'll explore "what is an accent wall", cover some basic rules of thumb, and go through 10 unique accent wall ideas that will hopefully inspire you. For each idea we'll also provide our thoughts on incorporating framed photos and artwork for even better results!

Accent wall with framed photos and art

What is an Accent Wall?

Four identical walls in a room can be a bit boring.

An accent wall is a single wall in a room that's distinct in color, texture, or pattern from the other walls. It's designed to stand out, draw attention and create a visual point of interest.

Accent wall with frames photos on shelf

Rules of Thumb for Accent Walls

Creating an accent wall is an exciting project, and there are a few considerations to keep in mind to ensure the outcome you are hoping for.

First, tailor your accent wall to the room's function. For example, a calming color or texture might be best for a bedroom, while a more vibrant choice could suit a living room or study. And while it's great to be aware of current trends, your accent wall should ultimately reflect your personal style and taste.

You will also want to choose the right wall. Typically, the best accent wall is the first one you see upon entering a room. Pay attention to existing architectural features that you can accentuate as well, like a wall with a fireplace or an arched doorway to really enhance the room's character.

Accent wall with fireplace and framed photo

As far as colors, make sure your accent wall complements the other walls and the overall color scheme of the room. It should stand out but not clash. It's also useful to think about how your furniture and decor will interact with the accent wall. It should enhance, not distract from, the furnishings and decor in the room.

And whether whether you’re using paint, wallpaper, picture frames, or any other material, choose high-quality products for a professional and durable finish designed to look great and last.

Overall you are going for a balanced look in your space. The accent wall should draw attention but still harmonize with the overall design of the room.

Accent Wall Ideas with Framed Art and Photos

1. Bold Paint Colors

Image credit Anna Faijão on Pinterest

Idea: Choose a vibrant color that contrasts with other walls.

Custom Framing Integration: Hang black and white framed photos for a striking contrast.

2. Wallpaper Wonders

Idea: Use a wallpaper with an interesting pattern or texture.

Custom Framing Integration: Select framed art that complements the wallpaper's theme.

3. Wood Panel Elegance

Idea: Install wood panels or planks on one wall to create a warm, rustic look.

Custom Framing Integration: Add framed nature photography or vintage poster art to enhance the earthy feel.

4. Framed Gallery Wall

Curates gallery walls of framed photos from Level Frames

Idea: Turn your accent wall into a gallery with various framed photos and artwork.

Custom Framing Integration: Mix and match different frame styles for an eclectic look, like our Big Organic gallery wall that covers 75" x 43".

5. Geometric Patterns

Image credit A Beautiful Mess

Idea: Paint geometric shapes or stripes for a modern twist.

Custom Framing Integration: Find symmetrically designs like framed artwork from 2046 Design to maintain the geometric theme.

6. Add Music to Your Walls

Framed vinyl album Blue Train by John Coltrane

Idea: Express your love of music by showcasing work from your favorite artists.

Custom Framing Integration: Frame your favorite vinyl records or custom frame concert posters you've collected at shows.

7. Chalkboard Charm

Idea: Paint a wall with chalkboard paint for a fun, interactive space.

Custom Framing Integration: Add additional writing and doodling surfaces with framed chalk, dry-erase or cork boards.

8. Mirrored Magic

Idea: Use mirrors or reflective tiles to make a small space feel larger.

Custom Framing Integration: Place framed art and photos between mirrors to break up the reflection, or place your frames where they will catch the reflection in your mirrors in an interesting way.

9. Brick or Stone Accent

Brick accent wall with framed art

Idea: Expose brick or stone for an industrial look.

Custom Framing Integration: Hang bold, colorful art pieces to contrast the raw textures. These amazing framed prints from Invisible Creature and funky landscapes by Amanda Webster will fit the bill.

10. Mural Masterpiece

Image credit Jenna Sue Design

Idea: Idea: Commission a mural or use a large-scale wall decal.

Custom Framing Integration: Frame sections of the mural or complement with thematic art.

That's a Wrap!

Accent walls are a creative way to express your style and add a personal touch to your living space.

By incorporating framed photos and art, you can enhance these walls and make your home uniquely yours.

Have fun experimenting with different ideas and finding what works best for your space and taste.

We hope this has provided a useful overview of accent walls, with practical tips and ideas including suggestions on how to incorporate framed art and photos.

Framed vinyl records from Level Frames on an accent wall

As usual, we are standing by to help on any of your custom framing needs.

Happy framing!