3 Reasons to Custom Frame Your Concert Posters Right Now

Enjoy your collection on the wall while giving it the protection it deserves

Finding a frame for concert prints and posters can feel like a hassle, so it often ends up getting pushed further down the to-do list.

Before you know it, your artwork has been languishing in the dark for months, or even years.

Read on for the top three reasons why custom framing your collection is important, and how to make it easy!

Phish concert poster ready for framing

Phish concert poster by Landland, ready for framing

1. Tubes and packaging can cause damage

Improper storage leaves your poster or print at high risk of irreversible damage that can affect its appearance (or value).

If left uncovered, it's easy for the print to get crushed, torn, and dirty. Cardboard mailing tubes and packaging will temporarily protect posters from physical damage, but should only be used on a short-term basis. Yellowing and discoloration caused by acids in the packaging can begin in just a matter of months.

Poster tubes for concert posters and other artwork

Putting your artwork in a frame sooner than later gets your poster off of the closet floor or shelf and into a protected display that you can actually enjoy.

And if you're not ready to frame quite yet, look for acid-free print storage such as an archival sleeve to protect it. We recommend Baroque Portfolios as one of the best options for storing, protecting or transporting your collection.

2. Ready-made frames don't measure up

Concert posters and prints are large and not always a standard size, so the search for a ready-made frame to fit can be time-consuming or just fruitless. More importantly, off-the-shelf frames come with cardboard or masonite, as well as standard glass which can damage your artwork over time.

Custom framing allows you to order the exact size frame you need to fit your poster and select high-quality materials. We make it super easy to custom frame your poster online without the hassle, extra expense, and long wait times of taking your prints to a frame shop.

All of our frames include acid-free matting and backing boards to protect your artwork from discoloration and museum-grade acrylic that is thick, shatter-resistant, and available with UV protection to keep your poster's colors from fading.

All wood profiles and high quality materials for online custom framing

We'll handcraft each frame to fit the dimensions you provide and ship everything out within a few days.

Our DIY framing kits arrive within about one week with instructions, a small tool kit, and everything you need to mount the artwork from the comfort of your home.

Limited-edition, custom framed Tom Petty tour poster (signed by the artist)

Signed and limited edition Tom Petty tour poster, custom framed with white profile and 1" of matting

If you prefer, send your poster to our studio to be framed by a team of professionals and we'll send it back ready to hang. We can even provide secure packaging or a shipping label for your tube or flatpack.

3. You can create the perfect design

Design is just as important to consider when creating a frame that's meant to last for years.

It's tempting to consider a rainbow of mat colors and frames to match vibrant concert posters, but a simpler design will keep the focus on the artwork and fit more seamlessly into your home.

We recommend choosing a frame color that complements the tones in the artwork and a mat color that is neutral to start.

If your art has cool tones, gray, black, or silver may be good choices, while brown, red, and gold will complement warm tones.

Custom framed Phish tour poster

Limited-edition Phish tour poster, signed and numbered by the artist and framed with a natural walnut profile

If your design needs a little more, an accent mat can be added for a pop of color to tie everything together.

A good rule of thumb for picking an accent color is to decide what you want the focal point of the art to be and match it.

Spinal Tap Custom Framed Collectible Poster by Matt Taylor

This is Spinal Tap poster by Matt Taylor and Vice-Press

Have other collectibles and memories to frame?

We can also help with custom framing collectible vinyl records, original artwork, and digital photos.

Happy Framing!