What We Framed in July

Tennis artwork, oversize beach pictures, classic movie posters and more

The home stretch of summer finds us still busy handcrafting museum-quality frames to fit your most cherished photos and artwork.

We're taking a moment to review a few feats of custom framing done by our customers last month, including a framed watercolor, an oversize photo, movie poster, NFT art and more.

Read on to check out these projects from July and see what inspiration comes to frame something of your own. We'll help you achieve what should be the goal of every framing project: Joy, pride and satisfaction over the final result hanging on your wall.

An Oversize Print of a Beach Scene

Oversize framed photo handcrafted by Level Frames

Image credit: @korazapitu on Instagram

One of our specialities is framing large photos and oversize artwork.

There are extra considerations to made from the thickness and strength of the profile to adding hardware robust enough to support the frame. Safe delivery is also paramount, especially if you are transporting anything of value.

Tom had a 48" x 32" print of a beach scene that had been rolled up in a tube collecting dust for years. Framing it online was as simple as inputting the dimensions, uploading a preview image, customizing the frame style, and checking out.

We then generated a shipping label Tom could print and use to send the artwork to us, and about a week later his finished framed was delivered right to his door ready to hang.

Last week we had our new photograph framed by @levelframes. The process was affordable, smooth and easy - we mailed them our photograph and one week later it was delivered to us framed and ready to hang! They provide some really helpful tools for leveling to make the hanging process super easy. The frame looks beautiful and I’m impressed by the quality of the product! I highly recommend them for your next framing project!

A+ job on hanging the frame, Tom, we look forward to your next project!

And if you have the digital image on your phone or computer, you can skip the mail-in step and have us print and frame your photos in one shot.

Movie poster float mounted and framed in a classic gallery style

Framed movie poster The Goonies

Artwork credit: @jefflangevinart

A staff favorite here is the 1985 Richard Donner film "Goonies." Artist Jeff Langevin has created a beautiful, minimalist poster that incorporates the iconic imagery and rallying cry from the movie.

Instead of sending in the artwork, Harriet chose to frame this poster from home using one of our DIY kits. The process is similar - provide the dimensions of the artwork from edge to edge, upload a preview image (optional) and then customize the frame to your exact liking.

The entire online experience takes a few minutes, and within a few days we'll ship your custom made frame directly to you, sized to fit your artwork and with everything you need to frame at home.

Harriet chose an elevated float mount for this piece, which elevates the artwork above the mat to create a dramatic shadow below. Learn more about this framing technique in Our Guide to Float Mounting.

Framed NFT Art From Martin Glasser and the ATP Tour

image credit: @jonaslamis

A first-of-its kind generative art project, LOVE generated artwork entirely from official tennis data on the professional tour. These are two of the 300 NFTs that were minted in collaboration with Art Blocks Engine and renowned artist Martin Grasser, creating a new way for fans to celebrate, admire and own impactful moments that happened on the court.

Jonas was able to connect a digital wallet to show ownership of these tokens, and then we provided the full printing and framing experience that resulted in these two stunning pieces hanging on his wall. He went with a classic black frame and white mat, one of the most popular choices among our collection of frame colors.

The printing was done on 280g Archival Matte Fine Art paper using 12-color pigment inks that will hold their color for 100 years or more. It's part of the process we use to make sure that each image we print for you turns out looking its absolute best.

And if you have your own NFTs that would look great on the walls, we have a number of ways to print and frame them for your own home or office.

Original watercolor paintings framed for the office

Image credit: @backwardprints on Instagram

Illustrator Brynne Cogorno has been working on a series of original watercolor prints that look great framed in our 3/4" gallery style White profile. The colorful paintings pop right off the wall in her neatly organized office.

What do you think? Should she sell prints of these works and do you have a favorite?

If you're an artist as well, we can help you sell framed versions of your artwork. Drop us a line if you have art or photography that your fans and followers would be interested in framing.

Hopefully you've found a little inspiration from these projects to spur some ideas for your next project.

Our goal is to put the tools and knowledge into your hands so that you can customize any frame, collage frame or gallery wall to your exact liking and see it come to life onscreen, which is one of the best reasons to frame online.

And as always, we are standing by to help via chat and email if you need any guidance or recommendations.

Happy Framing!