Brand New: Custom Framed Memo Boards

Design and frame chalkboards, whiteboards and corkboards to fit any space or decor

Shared surfaces like chalkboards, whiteboards and corkboards are great for staying on top of to-dos, and also provide a fun way for people to communicate back and forth with inside jokes, inspirational message and silly doodles.

But most boards out there are cheaply made, poorly framed or only available in a few standard sizes - not something you'd want to display prominently in your kitchen, bedroom or family room.

So we set out to find the absolute best surfaces on which to write or pin, and paired them with our selection of gallery-worthy frames and customization options.

The result? A new way to design and beautifully frame whiteboards, chalkboards and corkboards to fit any space in your home or office!

High quality, custom framed chalkboard, whiteboards and corkboards

Select your surface of choice, the exact size you need, and then add one of our museum-quality frames to fit.

Our sizing interface allows you to specify the outer frame dimensions you need to perfectly fit that odd-sized space next to the fridge, or a specific patch of wall space in your entryway or home office.

Each board arrives fully framed and ready to hang, with a set of accessories so that you can start writing, erasing and pinning right out of the box!

Framed Chalkboards

Custom framed magnetic chalkboard from Level Frames

Custom framed magnetic chalkboard in our Weathered Natural 1.625" wide profile

We all love to write with chalk. It's just something about the way it feels that makes us feel like kids again.

A framed chalkboard is a perfect addition to any home decorating project. You will love having one at the ready for sketching out ideas, doing math problems with your kids, or creating grocery lists and reminders for yourself and others. If you have a child's room in your home, then it would be perfect for them to practice their letters on.

Our chalkboards come with a porcelain, magnetic surface. This is the best material for writing with chalk and can also be used with wet-erase markers. These boards can be washed down repeatedly without harming the surface.

Each board ships with dustless chalk and an eraser that sticks to the magnetic board when not in use, serving as a tray for your chalk.

Framed Whiteboards

Custom framed magnetic whiteboard from Level Frames

Custom framed whiteboard in our Weathered Grey 0.75" wide profile.

The whiteboard is a great tool that is perfect for brainstorming, planning and sharing ideas.

A key element of these dry-erase boards is how smooth they are to write on and how easy they erase, over and over. You can also have as much color as you like with different markers.

With our gallery-style profiles, whiteboards will no longer look out of place outside of the office. Frame a small one to fit nicely over your desk, place one in the kitchen, or go larger with something the whole family (or office) can use for creativity and organization.

Our whiteboards have a porcelain surface for effortless writing and a steel-backing to make it magnetic. Porcelain is incredibly durable and will not scratch or dent. And unlike cheaper alternatives, ink will not seep through the non-porous surface to create stains or “ghosting”.

This is a super versatile board that is easy to take care of and will last for many years. It comes complete with dry-erase markers and an eraser.

Framed Corkboards

Custom framed corkboard from Level Frames

Custom framed corkboard in our Weathered Natural 1.625" wide profile

Corkboards can be used as wall decorations, message boards, calendars, planners and even as photo displays. There are unlimited uses for this versatile product, and our custom frames will help them add to the decor of any room. Each board arrives with a variety of pins so that you can get started right away.

If you're looking for a unique gift idea for someone who loves to cook or bake, a corkboard for pinning recipes is a fun idea they're sure to love.

One unique thing we love about cork, the bark can be repeatedly harvested without damaging the trees, making it a completely sustainable and biodegradable resource.

Customize the Size and Frame Style

Once you have selected the size and surface, you can select an all-wood profile to fit from our collection of gallery-ready frames.

Each frame is made to order to fit your board, and completed with self-leveling hanging hardware that will keep it secure on the wall.

Choose a variety of frame styles including gallery, rustic and modern, and set the width of the frame to achieve the perfect look.

frame online with museum quality profiles

As part of our testing across different materials, surfaces and accessories to find the absolute best in performance and durability, we made a number of framed memo boards that have been put to good use in our office and homes.

Not only do these chalk, cork and whiteboards look great and actually add to the decor, they've been a huge hit with family members who enjoy adding their own notes, reminders and scribbles.

We think you and your household with love them as well!