Custom Frames for Your Next Show

Printing, framing and delivery for artists & photographers exhibiting their work

Presentation is everything when it comes to planning an art show, and for photographers and 2d artists in particular, custom framing is a key element to successfully exhibiting and selling work.

Framing not only protects the artwork, but enhances the overall presentation and creates added value for potential buyers.

Read on to see some of the amazing exhibitions we've helped with and how we can take away some of the stress of preparing for your own show.

Ju Martins

Ju is a photographer and filmmaker whose work features rich, colorful landscapes from places like Guatemala, Morocco, Malaysia, South Africa, and her home country of Brazil.

Her show The Four Elements for the annual Clio Art Fair in New York is a collection of landscape photos representing water, air, earth, and fire.

Ju Martins custom framed photos at the Clio Art Fair 2021

We printed and framed her photos so that once her frames arrived, all she needed to do was hang them.

Her exhibit is a perfect example of not having to stick to the classic gallery style if you want to do something different. She chose to mix and match frames, choosing a frame color and style that perfectly matched each photo individually.

Gigi Salij

Gigi is an artist and professor of art whose work features collage, photography, and silkscreen printing.

We helped her frame 50 silkscreen prints for her solo exhibition "We Wait" featured at the Harrison Gallery Gallery in Indianapolis, a commemoration of the 100th anniversary of women suffrage featuring photos of women waiting in line to vote.

Gigi Salij custom framed artwork on exhibition
“The patience of women is such an important subtext of the suffrage movement. Women waited well over a hundred years for their right to vote to be recognized, but one hundred years later women are still waiting—for pay equity, for equal representation in legislatures and boardrooms, for the end of patriarchal culture.”

Elena's images came all the way to the edge of the paper, so she float mounted them on top of the mat to avoid the need to crop them.

The minimal float space around the images and all-white mat and frame allow the images to have maximum visual impact.

Noah Kalina

Noah is a photographer and filmmaker whose work also draws from nature.

His show Over Time features landscape photography from his home in upstate New York, with each photo in the ongoing series focusing on the same location to show the passage of time and seasons. His photos pair perfectly with our Weathered Black frame, which has a natural quality to it that mirrors the tree bark in his scenes.

Noah Kalina custom framed photos exhibited in upstate New York

"Over Time is a collection of time-based monumental landscapes that depict the slow and subtle passage of time. The work on display span a period of six years and focus on a few locations in Lumberland, New York. While these images reflect the changing beauty of nature, they also act as documents preserving these landscapes within a larger context of rapid environmental change on a global level. This project is a work in progress."

Noah printed his photos and installed them himself using our DIY frame kits. But his oversized showstopper photo was too big to frame at home, so we took care of the framing for him.

If any of your work is over 48", we have quite a bit of experience framing large prints and photos.

Nancy Paredes

Nancy Paredes is an artist from Queens, NY who primarily works in printmaking and photography.

We helped her frame 13 nature-inspired works for her show Marbles in the Valley, exhibited a the Queens Botanical Garden.

Nancy Paredes framed art and photos at the Queens Botanical Garden

"The series of work portrays landscapes reminiscent of the native countries of the city’s diverse communities, depicting the memories of immigrants and the imaginings of a first generation. "

Her work features delicate and intricate detail and is on a deckled edge paper, so the pieces were floated on white matting to expose the edge and completed with our White Maple frame and Optium Museum acrylic for optimal viewing.

Optium is a great choice of picture frame glaze for gallery showings as it helps cut down on reflections from the abundant lighting and provides an unhindered view of the artwork.

Potential buyers also appreciate details like this in high-quality custom framing since they don't have to re-frame or make upgrades on their own.

Level Frames makes it as easy as possible to prepare for your exhibition with high-quality printing for digital work, along with flexible options for online custom framing and delivery of one-of-a-kind pieces.

We're also happy to accommodate special requests and help you meet any requirements the gallery or exhibition space may have set for framing. Ship the frames to yourself or your studio, or ship directly to the gallery.

In addition, you can join our artist trade program to get special pricing on your orders. Reach out using or the chat bubble in the bottom right corner to get started today!