How to Custom Frame Nothing

One of our artist friends, TEKST, recently launched a Kickstarter to bring something new into the world: Nothing.

It's actually an intricately designed, limited-edition collectible item with all kinds of details and hidden touches, described as "The highest quality gift you can give the person who has everything". You really have to see for yourself (and pledge) to grasp the full genius of the idea.

Absolutely Nothing on Kickstarter

Three unique, custom designed envelopes, filled with absolutely NOTHING.

Best of all, TEKST has asked us to custom frame "NOTHING" for backers who pledge an additional $70 per envelope.

Here is the update with the full announcement and more details.

Choosing a Frame Style

Once assembled, NOTHING is about 7" x 7" x 1/4".

We decided to use a classic, gallery-style black profile for the frame, and float the item above an archival, off-white mat board. 1/2" spacers will elevate the glaze and create enough depth inside the frame.

We'll finish with a UV-protective, glare-reducing acrylic glaze to prevent fading and protect NOTHING over the long haul. The final frame will be 10" x 10" and 1" deep.

Online Framing for (Almost) Anything

When we are not framing nothing, we are building the best online framing experience to help you frame and beautifully display all kinds of meaningful items including posters, art prints, photos and more.

Each of our frames is unique based on how you choose to customize it. We give you the ability to specify:

  • The style and width of the profile
  • The color and exact width of your matting
  • float mounting options
  • The level of acrylic glaze, from standard to UV protection to Non-glare

Once finalized, your frame is handcrafted by a master framing team and ships right to your door guaranteed to fit and properly preserve your artwork. Everything required for mounting and hanging will be included - you'll just need a hammer and the right wall space.

All of the framing components we use are archival, acid-free and conservation grade. Learn more about the museum quality framing materials we use, or watch an entire frame come together from start to finish in our workshop:

Framing for You

If you are an artist, or building out your own Kickstarter campaign with a potential framable product, we'd love to hear from you at

If you are simply trying to frame a photo, we can help with as well!