How to Frame Your Comics in Style

The best way to display and protect your favorite collectibles

It's easy to understand the connection people feel to comic books. Similar to music, the comics universe is filled with favorite characters, incredibly talented artists and iconic cover art.

But we didn't see any great options out there for bringing your comics out of storage and onto the wall to be enjoyed every day. So we decided to create our own solution for framing comics!

Whether you have a few special issues you are nostalgic about or an entire collection, we can help you display them beautifully and safely.

Why We Made This

Our DIY framing kit has worked fairly well for framing comics. It allows people to frame at home without sending items through the mail, enabling thousands to enjoy more artwork, magazines, photos, newspaper articles, and other collectibles on their walls.

But framing a comic book comes with a few unique challenges which led us to create a more dedicated solution.

Below are our recommendations for the best way to frame comics and how we came up with this particular offering.

It's Got to Look Good

Most comics have artwork or text that goes all the way to the very edge of the book. This may include a corner box that indicates the title character or edition number.

A standard frame, or the mat if one is included, will overlap the edge of the book by about 1/4" on each side.

In our opinion, covering up even a small part of the cover just doesn't look right.

The best way to frame a comic is to "float" it above the matting with some space around it so that the entire cover is revealed and the art has some breathing room around it.

Once the comic is properly floated inside the frame, the other visual elements are the color of the matting behind the comic and the frame style.

Similar to our recommendations for any artwork, you can't go wrong with either a white or black mat background.

The same rules apply to the frame style, but there is plenty of room for creativity here.

So if a classic black or white gallery style frame is not interesting enough for you, we fully endorse trying on more contemporary or even rustic looks.

Fortunately, with online custom framing where every frame is made to order, we can offer many more options and make it easy to preview your frame across different styles.

It Has to Keep Your Collectibles Safe

A key factor to consider when framing you comics is how well they will be protected inside the frame.

The main risks come from contact with adhesives or non-archival mats and backing boards that can leach acid into paper, causing discoloration and deterioration over time.

Equally as important is the glass or "glaze" that protects the face of your frame. Without glass or acrylic that offers protection from UV rays, your comics will fade significantly and lose their color and sharpness.

UV rays can fade comics, impacting appearance and grading scores (image credit: Point Five on CGC)

It can be tempting to purchase an inexpensive, ready-made frame based on the price, but you will pay a cost in terms of the very noticeable damage to your collectible.

It Should be Easy to Put Together at Home

The best frame in the world is no good to anyone if it is too hard safely mount your items inside.

What's more, a good comic book frame should make it easy to remove the comic and replace it with a different one when you want to change things up.

Our Solution for Comic Book Framing

We took all of the above into account and set out to create a unique, online framing experience offering the absolute best in protection and looks:

Online Framing for Comic Books

  • Two sizes for Modern and Bronze age comics
  • Choose from over 15 of our most popular frame styles
  • Your comic is float mounted to display the cover from edge to edge
  • Select between white or black for the mat background
  • Glaze options with the highest level of protection against UV rays
  • Each frame is made to order using museum-quality components and shipped to your door with instructions for completing the project at home

The frame arrives complete with a pre-installed, mylar bag to safely house your comic and hold it in place, no adhesives needed. All you have to do is slide in your issue and remove the acid-free comic board that was in its place.


Short of taking your comics to a high end custom frame shop, we think that there is no other framing solution available that looks this good and offers this much protection. Your comics will look amazing and stay that way.

We look forward to helping you frame and enjoy your favorite comic books!