Introducing The Kota Collection

Four new all-wood profiles available for framing your favorite artwork and photos

We're thrilled to bring you a new collection of frame styles now available on the site.

The Kota Collection is made up of four all-wood profiles that feature a rich stained finish on top of a fine, wood grain texture. We've seen the popularity and growing demand for natural, wood frames and chose this set to expand the number of tones and colors available.

A major benefit of online custom framing is being able to visualize different styles to find the right frame for photos, posters, pictures and art prints. Have a look at the new frames below, or give them a try directly on your next framing project!

All four Kota profiles styles come in two different widths: A 3/4" option for a sleeker, modern look, and a 1" size to support larger items or create a bold visual statement.

Kota Black

This minimalist profile features a deep, black stain over a fine wood grain. You will notice a subtle texture that sets it apart from the smoother, satin finish found on our gallery-style Black Maple profile.

It's a frame that can play modern with a touch of the rustic, a great choice when you want to go for some extra refinement and intrigue.

Kota Walnut

Our Natural Walnut has been top-seller from day one, offering a pleasing wood tone that is versatile enough for a range of decor styles.

The Kota Walnut has the distinctive, more subtle grain pattern found across this new collection and a richer, slightly darker "furniture" finish.

Kota Cherry

By popular request, we've added a natural wood profile with reddish overtones.

This frame style provides a sumptuous and sophisticated look, and works well with light wall colors like off-white, light grey, pale yellow and ivory.

Kota Pecan

Rounding out our new collection, the Kota Pecan is the lightest among the set and incredibly versatile.

This frame has a golden finish with a slight, orange tinge, for when you are looking for a natural wood look but want to stay away from the heavier, darker tones.

Pictured top and bottom right: Kota Pecan and Kota Cherry

Let us know what you think about these new frame styles, and if you have any suggestions for what we should add next.

As always, if you have questions about any of the custom framing materials we use, or need advice on what best suits your artwork, please reach out via chat or email.

We're standing by to help on your next online framing project and many more to come.

Happy framing!